Hybrid web and app development: webview2 for win32 c – c ++ is production ready

Hybrid Web and App Development: WebView2 for Win32 C-C ++ is production ready

Microsoft has published WebView2 for Win32 C / C ++, a control of web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS into native applications. For the Attit-Compatible SDK there is also a production ripe Runtime for WebView2. According to envision in the Windows blog, it can be used in any Win32-C / C ++ application and all geared Windows versions should be supported Runtime and SDK.

The new embedded control tool sets up on the EDGE browser from Microsoft. Developers are designed to create developers from Windows Apps at the same time for the Web and for the desktop apps. Microsoft is WebView2 part of a project with the speaking name Reunion, which makes the new tool for Win32 and UWP apps as well as for some different UI stacks generally available.

in the .Net area can be tested WebView2 as Preview

For Winforms and WPF from the .Net area is meanwhile conserving a preview, the general availability has called Microsoft for the end of 2020. A full support of Winui 3 is scheduled for the upcoming release of Winui 3 scheduled. For WebView2, artificial sales models are available for selection: Evergreen and stable version. In EVERGREEN mode, Microsoft continuously delivers automatic updates, which will always be up-to-date with users of this option. This model is already generally available.

For apps with stricter compatibility specifications, the alternative is always the alternative to install a runtime that does not automatically update automatically. Here the developers are in demand and can decide themselves when the time has come to an update. This variant is currently available as a preview, general availability for Win32 C / C ++ is provided according to Microsoft for the end of 2020. For the art, an update for the WebView2 SDK with new APIs should come out with every coarse update of the Edge browser. Developers should be free to update their version or maintain an alter version. Through the attractive compatibility, an update compulsion can be avoided.

More details about the current release can be found in the improvement in the Windows blog. Those who are interested in the tool for hybrid app development can take a look at the documentation. In parallel, there are guidelines for beginners for use with Win32 C / C ++, but also for Winforms, WPF and Winui 3.

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