How safe are cars with flowful gas drive?

How safe are cars with flowful gas drive?

Munchen, 11. February 2008 – The fear sits with many deep: vehicles driven with flowers could explode in an accident or vehicle fire. However, however, for safety ordered? Flussiggas cars are lighters on four gases or absolutely safe? To answer this question, the ADAC has performed a complex test.

Crash test with an Opel Astra Caravan

In the event of an accident simulation, a heavy rear-end collapse was caused by the example of a current OPEL Astra Caravan with a subordinated autogas plant. The accident opponent, a 1360 kilogram of heavier OPEL Cadet, bounced at 60 km / h and 70 percent overcoming from behind on the standing Autogas ASTRA, whose flux gas tank was accommodated in the reser wheel bracket. Such an arrangement often occurs in practice. The examination of the crashed Astra showed that the LPG system remained unsaudited and continued gas-tight. The attachment of the container also presented itself intact after the impact. Only the jammed tailgate refers to the rescue crowers access to the review of the LPG. In summary, the ADAC experts found that no danger of occupants emanates from the gas plant.

How flammable is a flowful gas vehicle?

In the exciting fire test, the deformed ASTRA was put on. Several petrol-filled shells in the rear area under the vehicle served as a fire accelerator. Already four minutes after the depreciation of the gasoline, the safety valve of the gas device opened for the first time to reduce controlled overprere. At this time, the interior of the vehicle was already in flames for about a minute.

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