How good are autopolituries?

How good are autopolituries?

Stuttgart, 11. August 2011 – Even a lanternenparker car gathered in the years, once again makes it as soon as it is polished on high gloss. But with which "Magic" the easiest way and best works best in the result? The Pruforganisation GTU has tested nine products together with the Auto Club Europa (ACE) and demand significant differences in days.

Dr. Wack just before Sonax

Test winner became the polish with a short jump "A1 Speed Polish" from dr. Wilked "Xtreme Polish + Wax 3 Nano Pro" from Sonax. The two best placed collected decisive pluses when polishing that was comparatively Muhelos in both products. Ranked third "Premium Wax Polish Nano Shine" from Aral. the "RS 1000 gloss polish" is by far priced product and was awarded by the Prufters as a price / performance winner. During this 100 milliliters 1.10 euros cost, become for "Clean extreme hand polish" of Cleancompany 8.41 Euro per 100 milliliters fally.

Make sure for glow?

The pruers focused on their attention, among other things, how much kuh’s use of the products is preparing, as the polishes cleanse the varnish and whether they are actually providing for new splendor. As a test vehicle, a Mercedes 190 from the 1980s served in a little weathered blue-black metallic with contemporary clear coatup cover.

Prufer done handwork

Was tested as the polishes are also applied by the end user – with more or less casual handwork. The use of in principle very effective polishing machines should be left to the specialized personnel according to GTU. Too roughly the danger of damaging the paint more than to help him to make a new splendor. Accordingly, the completion of the processing by hand fell out: the polishes achieved hardly more than 50 percent of the maximum score in the impact summaries. After all, the political success was also visible and also likely to prove physically. For this purpose, the Prufter used a special optical measuring apparatus, which can determine the degree of gloss and bright veils on paints. The test results in detail can be found in our picture gallery.

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