Homepod and homepod mini do not play together

HomePod and HomePod Mini do not play together

Apple does not allow a direct connection of small and coarse homepod. The Group has confirmed the Apple Blogger Jim Dalrymple. Accordingly, it is not possible to craft a cost-effective stereopaar from a (generous already existing) HomePod and a (added) HomePod Mini. Combined"pending") Only the respective series, two homepods or two homepod minis can be. Then take a homepod pair in the home app as a stereo playstation.

What is possible in the home

At the same time music about both devices (as in every house with several airpods also in different areas) you can already play – as well – as well, the new intercom feature is natural. According to Dalrymple, together with the homepod mini-start, there will also be a firmware update for the old homepod. On this has been waiting for a long time, it did not come together with iOS 14 on the Smart Speaker.

The update will then receive support for intercom, the so-called personnel update with personalized info for individual users, multi-user support for podcasts, data from Apple Maps (about interesting places) as well as support for external streaming services such as Spotify, as soon as they have made their apps suitable.

Dolby Atmos Co. On the homepod

Apple still revealed another news: From the homepod, a surround system for Kinoton will be feasible for Kinoton. Who has an Apple TV 4K can 5.1-, 7.Play 1 and Dolby Atmos movies. This works with a homepod or also with a stereopaar connected to the Apple TV 4K.

To do this, the Seven Tweter Velvet Subwoofer built in the homepod are used. However, the homepod mini does not work surround sound for lack of matching hardware. For this, a stereopaar can be combined with Apple TV rates. New is also the case that Apple Music songs can be set as an alarm.

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