Growth model: mini cooper s countryman all4

Growth model: mini cooper s countryman all4

Hamburg, 14. July 2010 – The success of retro cars is not self-resistant, especially since the retro wave is a bit deceived. At the Mini it worked wonderfully, even in the US, he gets well, though he is actually too small for local tastes. In this constellation, BMW is probably not about to let the Mini grow a little, if it is still to be agreed with the brand name. The MINI Cooper s Countryman All4 – what for a name – is also a harbinger for Mini’s future in this regard. And how do he drive?

The rough mini

The total length of the mini lies at 4.11 meters – the car sorts out pretty much exactly between the VW Polo (3.97 meters) and the VW Golf (4.20 meters). He always has four treatments, which, of course, makes the entry into the fund enormously. Otherwise, we just have a gross mini in front of us, a further development of the design is primarily recognizable to the headlights that act like morphic variants of the original. The highly cut-out wheel archipelago make the car high as he is actually. Speaking high: Notes you already work on a mini-van at MINI. If at all, such a car comes only in a few years, so we stay with our countryman first.

Space for four

In the mini sedan you could already drive to fourth. But the passengers had to force themselves in the rear and then fell well-painted – there was no place for luggage anyway. That has changed with the Countryman Geimlich. Even if the front of gross people are sitting, the space differences in the rear are still okay. However, there is a heavenwide difference between the seats and back: in the first row, moderate side stop is offered for legs and jerks, we sit on the back on the sitting on it, not in it. And if we are already criticizing: the 1950 euros expensive navigation system navigates perfectly, but the voice announcement is allowed to. The often bad verbalhorage that does not sparse heavy dates like Hannover (Navi-speaking: Heneffer) is not the heavy extra charge.

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