Greta thunberg: need immediate action instead of vague climate goals

Greta Thunberg: need immediate action instead of vague climate goals

Climate activist Greta Thunberg talk Germany and other wealthy countries in a conscience, in the fight against the climate crisis 2021 to show the way into a co2-poor future. "Our part of the world has committed itself to the Parisian climate agreement to specify the direction", said the young Swede in an interview of the German Press Agency in Scandinavia.

For the functioning of the Agreement, it is crucial that richer landing precedes and the first steps made. "It is simply logical and appropriate that those who have the way that most of them have the most resources and the best possibilities."

Do now what can be done now

At the same time, Thunberg warned that would be traded immediately, rather than the fight against the threatening climate catastrophe with distant goals in the future. "We have to stop focusing on these vague, distant and highly hypothetical goals and to accept us instead that we have to change now", the 18-year-old said. At the moment, humanity needed the remaining CO2 budgets – and when consumed, climates used for 2030 or 2050 no longer used.

Under CO2 budgets, the residual amount of greenhouse gases is understood that humanity may still enroll in the air after scientific findings in order to have a great chance of limiting the global embracing below a certain temperature. The World Climate IPCC estimated this budget in a special report in 2018 to 420 gigatonnes, so that the target of a limit under 1.5 degrees Celsius relative to the ground-level global air temperature can be achieved with a probability of 66 percent.

In the case of a constant annual outset – 2018, he was 42 gigatonnes (42 billion tons) – this budget has already been used up in about seven years.

The States of the Earth had agreed at the end of 2015 in Paris, which relates to achieve the prevention to the pre-industrial age clear Limiting under two degrees as well as to put everything to stop the temperature rise at 1.5 degrees. On the way to these target brands, the European Union had raised its joint climate destination for 2030 from 40 to at least 55 percent CO2 reduction compared to 1990 in this December.

Goodbyeism instead of concrete deeds

Thunberg sees this climate goal critical. "These goals sound very impressive and appear very well until you go into detail", she said. It monitors that the EU relates to comparative values from 1990 and not in 2010 and not invaluating all emissions – and that the focus is more on distant goals than instant action. "We have to be clear that we have to act now." In your opinion, it needs urgent "a wake up", she said: "You have to see where we are now. And we have to realize what needs to be done."

Hope for Joe Biden

That in the US with the new Prasident Joe Biden also a clearly climate-friendly policy into the Oval Office, Thunberg agrees confident. The change in the woman’s house could certainly mean a rough step forward, she said. Whether biders is the right man for a rough turn, but must first show. "We have to wait and see. I think the time will show it. It’s a bit of prere on it, to say the least."

The outgoing US Prassident Donald Trump had returned to many environmental regulations in his country and the US also joined the Parisian World Climate Agreement. Biden wants the United States directly after staying at the 20th. January to bring back to the agreement. His designated climate appendant John Kerry has already begotten, the upcoming US government will treat the climate crisis as the urgent threat for national security that they represent.

"Symptom of a sustainability crisis"

Thunberg also hopes that awareness of the urgency of the climate crisis in the world-free. Media and other influences had to identify and treat the situation for this purpose as crisis. The threatening climate catastrophe – in addition to the coronavirus pandemic – only one of impensy crises of humanity. "The climate crisis is just a symptom of a coarse sustainability crisis", said Thunberg. Other symptoms are about the loss of biodiversity and okosystems as well as the acidification of the oceans. "These are not separate crises. All this is a rough crisis. We do not live sustainable, we do not think long-term."

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