Golf gti plus

Wolfsburg, 13. May 2015 – At the beginning of 2016, the Golf GTI will be restored. As a club sport, he should come to the strongest golf a little closer, but with a slightly different orientation. In present, a serious study of the new model variant at GTI meeting at Worthersee.

Not the strongest

Fruher was not everything better, but many things easier: the strongest golf blow simply gti. Of which VW already turned off in the 1980s with the Golf G60, it did not hurt the sporty image of the short GTI. He remained as a flicker compact cars in thought. In the current edition, the GTI and the strongest model so far separated 70 hp. In between, VW has discovered a cheek, which fulfills smoothly with a machine from the Corporate rack. The Golf GTI Clubsport gets, even if that was not yet officially confirmed, with some security the same drive as the Seat Leon Cupra.

VW betrayal only so much: a two-liter four-cylinder makes 265 hp, with a boost function at short notice again around ten percent more. In the SEAT, this power is between 5350 and 6600 / min. The maximum torque of 350 nm is between 1700 and 5300 / min. These values were also allowed to apply to the Golf GTI Clubsport. The performance will succeed those of the seats: there accelerates the three-speed driving gear in 5.9 seconds from the stand to Tempo 100, with the six-speed dual-clutch transmission should range minimum 5.8 seconds. Consumption in the NEFZ indicates SEAT with 6.6 liters. At FuelMonitor are currently only Funf Leon Cupra with 265 hp listed, which consume an average of just under 9 liters.

It will be exciting at the price. The Golf GTI Performance with 230 hp costs 30.400 Euro, the Seat Leon Cupra with 265 hp as a three-editor 30.900 euros. The new GTI with 265 hp was allowed to be a little better than the two and will probably be between 34.000 and 35.000 EURO costs. So he stops a certain distance to the Golf R with 300 hp and serial-maby four-wheel drive. The costs currently at least 39.000 EURO.

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