Globalization and media

In the age of global technical networking, the seizure question is radical than ever

Globalization usually means attracting the association into a common economy, a common market and a shared preservation. It is called a common fruit space to block historical utopias of social changes that are not in the present, but only in the future can be blocked. One meets global agreements on prices and lean, on loans, failure and debt ies to create a common economic area: the world market. The global economy also means global cheap production. Modern mass capitalism tends to shift production to low labor costs and cheap dwellings, with inhumane working and living conditions and without social security contributions to earn more on the goods.

The globalized economy, the free circulation of genes, goods and capital, therefore also produces globalized migration. According to the UN, 200 million people are looking for work. There are 200 million climmigrants who want to flee before the climate catastrophe, which is produced by the global economy. So there are 400 million global migrants looking for justice and Gluck (Pursuit of Happiness, as the American Council promises to each of his burger).

In the course of this mass migration, the historical bonds of communities loose through the mass capitalism. In international division of labor, a national economy is difficult. The national cultures are blurring in the global cultural industry. In the globalized society created by homogeneous production structures, it comes to an increase in migration movements because of these production structures, the historical constituents of community lose as common faith, common language, common law, common religion, joint culture to power. In these global migration movements in the room of a global economy, people meet with different forms of faith, language, culture and on the right.

Globalization of the labor and financial market, real and financial economy has not paradoxically, but as a result of all other similarities, such as language, religion, nation confused. The mass migrations due to global capitalism means nothing else than the resolution of the previous association relationships of individuals in society groups, municipalities, ethnic groups, states and faith communities. The difficulties arising from this pluralitat as a result of the global economy is designated with terms such as integration and assimilation or diversitat and multicultural alitat.

Recurrence of nationalism and the defense of the stranger

Multiculturalism and multiethnicity are the keywords with which one – somewhat in vain – more rewrite the conflicts than to describe, which arise from the prasence of ethnic, culturally, linguistically and denominated in a homogeneous universal economic activity. Universalism of capitalism producing global triumph of capitalist production methods (seemingly paradoxical, but in reality consequently) a new particulateism. In the megastades in the world, which can no longer fulfill their historical function as a job machine and accordingly, in their gigantic prejudices, the paucately, unemployed, uprooted and lawless masses of whore, the capitalism is a xenophobia and a racism equal, to a fear of the other par excellence.

the "Diaspora" Migrants from the Third World or from the formerly colonialized countries in the first world megastades leads to a resurgence of ideologies that have eliminated Europe with the declaration. Because the economic globalization smashed the traditional accommodation and bond fare such as nation and culture, as in the coarse-day migrants from all the gentlemen and different languages, religions and cultures on other migrants of all gentlemen meet with different languages, religions and cultures, it comes to Stretched return of retirement age: a holding on belief as a last bastion, D.H. To the juxtapy of a fundamentalist religiosity, to a swared resurgence of nationalism in the sense of a narcis as the last bastion of the Souveran subject.

Basically, the global economy for the resurgence of the identity question. That’s why a partisan of particularism, such as Samuel Huntington, has a work entitled "Who Are We. The crisis of the American identity" (2004) Written because he believes, with the solution of this question in "Fight of cultures" (Clash of Civilizations, 1996). His solution is clear to an ethnic cleaning, which draws a clear demarcation line between the wife Americans and the Hispanos. The answer from Huntington to the crisis of the identity is basically racist.

We owe Levi-Strauss two texts, which he wrote in 1952 and 1971 for UNESCO, in which these questions were closed differently. In "Breed and history" (1952) he showed that there is only a human breed, which has a variety of colors and physical dispositions from which no hierarchies and thus rule systems can be legitimized based on racial affiliation. Even the term "Ethnicity" is a socio-cultural construction for him.

In "Breed and culture" In 1971, however, he shows that a society tends to a homogeneous culture that the cultural constructions of a society can reject it, to change to preserve their culture, their language, their customs. The reception and acceptances of a cultural community are limited. There is therefore no normative multiculturalism. For the Western world, this means she is multi-ethnic, but not in the same mabe multicultural. Because their culture is based (at least ideally) on the principles of justice, equality before the right, equality of the sexes, the separation of state and religion, the idea of freedom, freedom of expression, the freedom of freedom and the solidarity.

These principles are relatively unacceptable, if not unexpensive cultural values, which, in the view of the West for all people, are also used for the global economic area. Through the global migration movements, however, cultural identities mix in a way that culture and identity no longer form the common equation, but represent a new equation. The media theory may perhaps some elements for the values or values. Provide variables of this new equation.

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