German road safety council wants to move cyclists from 1.1 per thousand from traffic

In addition, a new statement of reasons should help prevent serious inflation on weekends

That you can drink so much how you want, as long as you are not motorized, is a widespread misconception. In fact, there are also one with cyclists "absolute driving damping", The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) currently provides for blood alcohol values from 1.6 per thousand. The German Traffic Safety Council (DVR) and the Association Accident Research of Insurers (UDV) is not enough. On the last week held in Berlin symposium safe cycling, they spoke out for a new cyclist alcohol limit value in a high level of 1.1 per thousand.

In addition, as with 0.8 per thousand, a threshold is to be introduced from which cycling is not yet a criminal offense, but is punished as a misdemeanor and punishes with bubbles and counting points. Motorists are currently committing an administrative illness when they set themselves with a blood alcohol value from 0.5 to the tax. It costs up to 1500 euros in the event of repetition and adds a driving ban in addition to a driving ban.

If someone falls negatively in the road, then a criminal driving diversity can already be present from a value of 0.3 per thousand. This is true for car and cyclists equailed. The record for the highest blood alcohol value measured so far in Germany with a cyclist 5.6 per thousand a man from the Bavarian Coburg, the rushed and held a beer bottle in the arrival of the police.

German road safety council wants to move cyclists from 1.1 per thousand from traffic

As the reason for their demand, the two combines call the unfallow of drunken cyclists, allegedly "dramatically". The Bicycle Study Munster, for the police, insurers and clinics data, revealed in 2010 that particularly many and heavy bicycle ideas happened to weekends and that the large risk group are 20- to 29-year-old. For two percent of the inflate, the alcoholization of the cyclist was identified as a cause. According to the trade union (GDP), alcohol even plays a role in every fourth bicycle accident in Germany.

Any opinion as the GDP, which for years a 0.5-per-thousand border for cyclists demanded, showed the general German bicycle club so far. Here one argued sometimes, such a ban "counterproductive", because car owners could take the car in a combination of blood alcohol limits for cyclists when they are drunk. But they became other road users of strong dangerous. However, one seems to be quite agreed in the lobby organization on this topic: For example, Roland Chicken, the Legal Officer of the ADFC, 1.1 per thousand was not accepted as a new criminal offense, but as an administrative offense limit.

Similar disagreement as the ADFC prevailed among the approximately 150 participants on the symposium of DVR and UDV with regard to a helmet duty for cyclists. In this question, one affected only on it, open "Normative and technical questions" to clear and pronounce a wearing recommendation until then. This is, among other things, that there is head injuries in a quarter of the bicycle detergents, but is controversial, how much the currently geared helmets adults with fully curved males really protect.

More potential can be seen in the reduction of the "Rule speed" in villages of 50 to 30 km-kilometers. The maaking that was not only driving motorists, but also the fitter part of the cyclists should therefore "troublesome" will. In addition, the police are intended to carry out the will of the two association according to the most accidents of accidents of trustes of cyclists and becomes consistent against the strain traffic regulations consistent. Cycling paths with two directions, however, rejects unanimously, because they, according to the experts, the problem responsible for the experts responsible for many unfalls "Ghosty" continue to feed.

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