Games with click and text

Classic Adventure Games are still in demand

Oldschool Adventures experience a quiet revival – on the one hand with artificially original B-products, on the other hand with the potential for something new

You are not dead to get: adventure games of the "Old school" Continessing persistent popularity – which is not least a wave of different valuable new releases. To crack for hours, to bury fantastic graphics and to follow an exciting story, meets the taste nerve of a target group, which also likes to reach the thriller. Adventures have something of visualized novel and virtual feature film. Although their consumption relieves the pictorial imagination, but stimulates the relationship of the relationship and the urge to search for solutions.

Film Ripe: with "Fahrenheit" Atari and the developer studios of Quantic Dream landed a demanding thriller hit

From the once pure text game, they developed into pictorial science fiction (dreamfall), grusel (Black Mirror), detective (Sherlock Holmes: the secret of the silver earring) or adventure stories that do not lack exciting moments. The ambitious developments of some creators leads to individually influenced adventures, whose course of decision-making different directions is impacted to end in one of several finals, such as Ataris Thriller "Fahrenheit" (Excellent with the award "Best of Games Convention 2005") Exemplified.

Games with click and text

In the distant future: Heroz Zoe "Dreamfall" Trade worlds and lost a secret about the trauma

Their intuitive control makes the operation of every reasonable computer-driven understandable. in the Point’n ‘Click-Adventure Only two motor actions are required by the player: Show and clicking with the mouse. The playful claim is not in speed or skill; Thinking is in demand. On his track search, the players in dialogues collects information from characters, which he encounters during his journey and examines the picture according to usual objects. These times very clear, then again asked utensils he takes up in his inventory and uses them elsewhere in the game – from the classical key over the rusty crank to different chemicals that it is correct to mix.

Games like "Heart of China", "Loom", "Monkey Island", "Zak Mckracken", "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" or the "Myst"-Series are classics of the genre, where a few new titles presented here have to measure.

"MYST V" pays to the most serious adventures

Almost everything that requires a memorial adventure, comes from the Belgian comic artist and author Benoit Sokal, already with "Syberia" Loading a hit: "Paradise" has a satisfied action, a mystical atmosphere and a fantastic look. The story plays in the fictitious African country Maurania. His authoritarian ruler Konig Rodon draws to a remote residence and allows neighboring states to conquer strategic positions of his country.

Games with click and text

Atmosphere pure: in "Paradise" The player searches African native hat at sunset

Then Rodon calls for his daughter Ann. And although Ann had stopped any contact with her father, she agrees and sets off to him. But how it wants the circumstances, your plane streams somewhere in Africa. They survive, wakes up in a huge palace and struggles with thought loss. In search of yourself, she moves around and finally meets a mysterious black leopard, which leads you through the thicket of new and old memories.

Games with click and text

Gorgeous moments and attention to detail: graphic "Paradise"

Amnesia is often an exciting topic. The concept of "Paradise" Wife thanks to its fascinating atmosphere. The positive impression is soon met by small but crucial deficiency. Basic browsing the different "Ranging", In which key items are hiding partly like needles in the haystack, a high mab is called for patience.

Games with click and text

"Paradise": Levers, ladders and bottle addiction places a lot of questions at your Odyssee by Africa

In addition, the control mechanism is a little too wishful. Has the cursor z.B. Signals on the edge of the visible an interaction point, the screen also scrolls, as the locomotion of image portion to portion is also entered by the cursor. Nonetheless pubert "Paradise" of artfully designed scenarios with attention to detail. With every revealed secret and any rediscovered memory, the tension sheet goes steeply up.

Games with click and text

Mysterious mechanisms: in Adventures like "Paradise" or "Myst" Block strange machines that progress

There you can surely survive about technical mankos, which are still gain and giving in most adventures. Just as in the implementation of an Italian comics: "The Eulbemberg experiment" has the genre to contribute little remembrance to a few funny story turns. Adam Quinn is the hero of the story about the murder of an archaologist. It is important to this disgusting detective if several millimeters must be examined according to their usage. In by loading mistakes, he rubs slide jokes and let the play flow on an annoying way. In combination with boring rounding and traveling by nonsensical botent services and Quinn’s too mossy continuing motion, the game goes out very quickly.

Dialogue: George Off "Baphomets curse – the angel of death" Some, partly funny stories have to go through

The long-awaited continuation of a classic had some mistakes easily unpluges, as the developers are actually old rabbits: "Baphomets curse – the angel of death" Go back to the roots of the genre and let the action sequences of the process of 2003 perflowed by fans as overlapped: per Point’n’ Click or Alternatively, with the cursor keys, the George Stobbell player controls stobbar, whose help is visited by the Hubs Anna Maria. On the flight in front of the mafia, the duo is looking for a powerful artifact that leads you cross and across the earth – a Ca. 15-hour journey caused by faulty removal of the character, dialogues that can not be canceled and partly stretched on the hair is stretched. Particularly a pity this is also visually recognizable sloppiness in the final grinding, since "Baphomet’s curse 4" a funny story has a lot of humor whose potential had served to the top.

Arm pigs: the story of "Baphomets curse – the angel of death" is, despite an age release from 6 years, certainly not bloodless

However, genre fans can be sure that in the future not only zero numbers and half things dominate the market of adventures. Confirmed are already promising titles like the game to Steve Purcells Comic DetectiveSpann "Sam Max", Part two of the kulthite "Runaway" or the comedy game "Tony Tough 2".

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