Fully, for half in leadership positions, high earners

"A closed university degree is still considered the best insurance against unemployment"

This week in the Suden of Germany, the small youngest court of the sacular service company. In Bavaria, the teachers confer on the school grades in the annual financial certificate. At the faces of the children will be able to read the next week as they deal with their own expectations and those of the parents. For the majority of parents from the Burgerian middle class, a belief sentence has already interpreted: "Abitur or nothing", According to methods then the facial muscles of the guardians in view of the censors. Even if it is the testimony of the third class elementary school, heavenly and dutches are already open. The Central Class Credo is currently experiencing a study by the HIS Institute for University Research.

The conclusion of the study "Career with university degree?":

A closed university degree is still considered the best insurance against unemployment. Unemployment under University Aslevent (Inn) EN is actually low.

The survey of women and manners, who have completed their university studies at the beginning of the new millennium, 2000/2001, their university studies, achieves results as out of the desired catalog: Ten years later are 99 percent of graduates in work. 88 percent of the acquired graduates look at adaquat in terms of their professional position. 80 percent among them receive an income that lies on the average of all employees in Germany. As average gross income of the full-time division, the study has 63.000 Euro, of course, determines, with the full major fluctuations between the occupational fields.

Ten years after graduation, 40 percent can be found in leadership positions. At the manns it is good for half (52%). In women significantly less (30 percent). 75 percent of respondents who are working are permanently procured, 15 percent are self-standing. Temporary employees only relate to 10 percent.

Despite the crises with which the graduation year 2000/2001 was faced in the labor market in the early years, the balance sheet, which draws the study project leader Koljy Briedis, could hardly be better:

With the study, we found that despite interim crises such as the collapse of the New Economy in 2000, the economic weak phase in the years 2002 to 2005 or the economic and financial crisis from 2008, the professional opportunities for university graduates and graduates are very good very well.

A few small scratches in the high gloss are already coming. For example, as seen above, that women on average come less frequently to leadership positions and less earn less, but that was allowed to change in the next few years. It is also pointed out that university drops with one "Inadaquate business entry" with a little coarse probability (12 percent) long in such social procedures, but that too seems to be aimed at the allemies with time. The Magister, who is a life of a taxi ride, believes that everyday mythology. Is complained of the graduates, what you also have elsewhere: too little income, too little time FURS Private:

Many respondents are satisfied with working content (85%), the working environment (78%), their professional position (73%), the appropriateness of their procurement (72%) and the security of their workplace (70%). More rarers are positive judgments with regard to the income (55%), the room for privacy (53%) and professional promotion options (38%).

The study has the great advantage that it raises survey on a longest period: one year after graduation, five years after and ten years later. As shown in comparison with another age cohort, the conveying year 1996/1997, developments that are quite stable can be grasped. Thus, it was observed that the course of the two cohorts after differences in the first year after the degree after graduation. What confirmed that the degree is not only a special vintage a pretty reliable factor for a good working life.

Whether from the observations of the earlier university graduates but concludes that this is also valid for present and art graduates, remains uncertain. The reason for certain doubts provide discussions about the lack of experts. There are often very different realities in forums as those who convey the public picture.

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