Fully air suspension for the mercedes citan

Changing loading is the rule for vans, their unpleasant concomitants too. Empty the vehicle is too high and the ride comfort is clearly crazy, full loading is too low – with influence not only on ground clearance, but also on the steering. Air suspensions – Fruhe Exclusive Attribute Expensive Luxury Limousines – can therefore be found in trucks for decades. An additional benefit of each air suspension is the possibility of lowering the tail for loading or to raise in the short term for highest ground freedom. But unfortunately, only a few compact vans ex works with an air suspension are obvious. Such as the new Mercedes Citan. Drive-Rite, for years of preserved developers of air suspensions, now also offers a full-air suspension for the rear axle of the Citan. With this sound manufacturer "Mounting-friendly and low-maintenance full-air suspension" The original spiral springs made of steel are replaced by spring balge of the supplier Firestone, the worldwide number one for air suspensions. Add to this matching steamers instead of the series access and the compressor, which delivers the upy air quantities.

The control comes from Drite Rite and is called Intelliride. They hold the air suspension independently of the load at a preset level, by continuously measuring the spring movements that occur during the journey and stops the chassis continuously. At the push of a button, the rear of the Citan moves up or down, for example for easier or invite. That’s what you already know. New is a protective function: The roof of the Citan accidentally stobs to a too low garage ceiling, Intelliride registers the resistance and reduces the air suspension to avoid damage to the vehicle. This security mechanism also works vice versa: If the chassis starts an object when lowering (Z.B. a curb), intelliers lifts the vehicle back to the drive.

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