Munchen, 17. February 2015 – after already with the first retro generation according to the original total shambards, for the meaning of "Mini" mercilessly surpassed and the car was successful, despite (or because of) his fulligranen auberababe, it has grown forward in every new edition. Also as a coming convertible generation.

In this case by 98 millimeters in the long, 44 in width and seven in the high, the wheelbase extends by 28 millimeters compared to the process. The customer opposes the car continues to be adopted flammous than teen, but the actually targeted clientele will be happy to enjoy the growing range, because that means simpler entry-level, slightly more legroom front and longest seat pads in the stern. The sports seats are comfortable, the intolered rear seats bring little because they degraded the small distance to the backrests to emergency seats. The luggage volume growth on 215, with chopping hood 160 liters. So the re-grown mini remains faithful to his specialized, to use its cubature below average.

Faction British

But we are sitting in a convertible and as more interested in other things. The roof, for example,. It can be up to 30 km / h can be electrically opened and closed within 18 seconds. Those who value a very British Aubenwirkung, gets the top with woven Union Jack when he ordered the Model Mini Yours. Otherwise the top is just black, because the so-called contrast roofs, as you have offered mini so far in red, gray or brown, were deleted from the list.

Unfortunately, the openly departed only parts of whites in the trunk covered hood behind. The front area can, as already known, be open individually. But then it gets louder than under a normal sunroof because an effective wind deflector is missing.

In Cooper S, 192 hp take 1.3 tonnes of empty weight, which can be reached by the car from the stand in 7.2 seconds tempo 100. The exhaust noise sounds as styled as the rest of the car and fits well insofar. As usual, the force is laceable in the steering, because it is after all 280 nm, which the engine tends between 1250 and 4000 / min. At the S convertible, in addition to other driving dynamics regulations, an extended electronically controlled brake intervention front and rear (EDLC) series-mabig, a real differential brake is missing but. That’s a pity.

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