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The union of Arab journalists approached in Cairo continues to pursue a policy against the "normalization" of the ratio to Israel

Two Arab journalists threatens the exclusion from the Association of Arab Journalists (General Federation of Arab Journalists) because they have critical articles in the Israeli web magazine Y-Net, the Arabic-speaking web site of the newspaper "Yedioth Ahronoth", have published.

The birthday Yemenite Munir Al-Mawri is violently in court in his article with the Iraqi government. Fruhe One of the Richest Lander of the Third World is the Iraq under Saddam Hussein regency to one of the poor. "The living conditions of the population are so bad that some families threw their son into the sea when they denied the political asylum in Australia", Is Al-Mawri quoted. Only a few Iraqis were benefited from the guided in Baghdad, the author for many "disaster" is responsible for the last 25 years, which is why sympathy is subordinated for a military lift against the regime.

In another article, the Bahrainische Journalist Salman complains that the suicide mat of the Palastic’s Palastian cause has added rough damage because it had delivered Israel a welcome pretext to launch a military offensive in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip.

Both journalists were thus violated against an elemental principle of the General Federation of Arab Journalists, which forbidden any normalization with the enemy, Israel,. Arabicnews). The members of the GFAJ are stopped to boycott Israeli media. Otherwise, the exclusion from the union and thus the loss of occupational problems threatens. Both Al-Mawri like Salman works for the website of Al-Jazira.

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