France: valls opposes merkel

"We are not for a permanent redistribution mechanism in the EU"

The German Chancellor Merkel has to reorient. The French Minister Prosident Valls has a clear NO to the influx of escape lingings at European level through a quota scheme to regulate a clear no. He had come to Germany to one "Embassy of efficiency and determination to convey", explained valls. In one sentence, the message is summarized:

Europe can not receive even more escape.

Specifically, this means that France does not agree with a permanent mechanism of distribution of escape lures. Instead, the government in Paris put on the "hot spots" and on the controls of the axis limits – as it has been agreed in negotiations and already in the implementation.

The French government adheres to agreements made distribution that the country’s recording of 30.000 escape procedure. In this frame you will record escape, but not in addition, "Pas Plus", said Valls the journalists.

The solutions found themselves "In the countries of the Levant, in Turkey, in Jordan, the countries, which bound to the Mediterranean", So chief drabs, outside of Europe. The duo "Efficiency and determination" Fugerte Valls in his executions "realism" In addition, with an additional payment addressed to the German Government:

We have to be realistic: Which countries want to take more migrants? Sweden, Danemark, Finland, who have already taken many? Britain? (…) Italy that can be confronted every moment with a new rush from Libya?

The newspaper Le Monde added an interesting observation to the bustle appearance of the head of government, which underrises how much he was in his visit to Germany – he was a guest at the Security Conference – not to distract himself from his course.

According to this, Valls scared twenty minutes visited a recording facility for escape on the periphery of Munchens. He did not talk to a fleet and also "Not the slightest empathy for the escape problem" showed. In this observation, of course, an interpretation of the accompanying journalist of the Liberal Zeitung.

That Valls in the endeavor, as a more determined, of no degree of irritating perceptions "angle" Representing politicians, tend to rigiditat, but there are suggested examples. At the Security Conference in Munchen, he also demonstrated his train to clear solutions in complicated situations. He spoke clearly for the posting of soil troops to Syria. With the addition that France does not participate.

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