Fourth “lightning marathon” in nrw was successful

In the fourth "lightning marathon" in North Rhine-Westphalia, massive clarifications have been detected despite the broadly confidential. In Hattingen, a 41-year motorcyclist shot the bird: he drove six times faster than allowed. Instead of attributable Tempo 20, with 120 km of kilometers, he quickly raced so that a policeman dismissed the persecution on a video motorcycle, the NRW Ministry of Interior reported on Tuesday. The driver was still determined. Against him, because of the dusk. In Gelsenkirchen, three motorists in a 50s zone exceeded the permitted speed by more than twice. They raced with tempo 101, 103 and 105 by the light sensors. Draw a three-month driving ban, four points in Flensburg and at least 480 euros money pit.

According to the reports of individual police departments, despite the contested checks, hundreds of fast motorists once again came into the network of the regulatory routes. The Ministry of the Interior defended the rough action against criticism. The transport club Germany (VCD) had doubled the sustainability of the personnel-intensive action, which should be forced on Tuesday until Wednesday morning of 3500 police officers. The motorists were only careful on this day, so the VCD. "We also control the remaining days of the year stronger than earlier," said a ministry spokesman.

Thus, the number of TEMPOVERSTOBE detected by the police in NRW increased significantly to 1.66 million last year. In addition, the number of traffic deadlines was further reduced. After the rince in the past year, another decline in the first four months of this year will be recorded by 22 percent. This is 36 deaths less than in the previous year. Critics had noted that the number of road notes should be reflected nationwide, including in countries without "lightning marathon". "But we have a above-average racy of deadly unusations at high speed as cause," said the Ministry of Ministry.

In 2012, the number of metropolitanes in NRW was reduced by 17 percent to 528. "We are convinced that we are on the right track with our strategy. The numbers show, "said NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jager (SPD). Nevertheless, the state-of-the-art position no good hair at the action: "It is absurd that the Minister of the Interior for his PR purposes abuses 3500 police officers," threw him the domestic spokesman for the FDP, Robert Orth. The power of the minister is irresponsible: "The classic police work suffers from his self-employment."

The policemen should be used in the course of 24-hour controls on 3000 measuring points. 530 of the measuring points were proposed by Burgern. At the third flash marathon in October 2012 were around 700.000 road users have been controlled. 24.000 of them were too fast on – that were something more than three percent. In "normal" controls, the quota lies according to the ministry at eight percent.

For the first time, cyclists were also taken at a lightning marathon. Occasion is the increased number of deadlined cyclists. Last year, 17 percent cyclists died more, total were 81. The police wanted both cheekless behavior of motorists against cyclists, as well as clearing of cyclists themselves. The action began on Tuesday morning by 6.00. Also the neighboring state of Lower Saxony Proupled the compliance with the speed limitimits. Bayern had canceled his participation due to the current flood situation in the short term.

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