Four-wheel drive on triple

Four-wheel drive on triple

Cervinia (Italy), 4. February 2014 – if two tons of car want to continue straight ahead, then fire is on the roof. I actually only sponge on the steering wheel, Give Give how to excuse gas, knowing that I can only wait now. Do not go to the impact on the gland, because we have a proper spout in front of us. The driving behavior is no wonder, the location with a chubby: The profile of the tires prints by a Dunne snow layer on pure ice.

"You have to wait until the front grip has grip, only then you give gas", Logs Luca from the passenger seat, "Do you track that?" After the third round on the ICE track in the Alps Space I do what he means. Luca Rossetti is Rally Profi and instructor at Maserati. He wife, what he talks about. On the first round of Sab he at the wheel, the whole thing looked like. He also explained me that we had to have spikes on such a skylight, but we circle the course today with normal winter tires.

Cable starter

I need four rounds until I have the ghibli in the curves under control. Brave I can accelerate the heavy limousine downhill. I went that the 180 degree turning will not be a problem below. Take away gas, gently indicate and traces when the front wheels resort. Then give gas and delivered, as the rough car follows my heel at the wheel and easily oversteer through the bend. An ingenious feel! "Yes", Says Luca radiant, "That’s a Maserati!"

The display behind the steering wheel shows how the torque is distributed between the axes. On a grippy, dry strain, the engine force only drives the rear roller. As soon as the grip remains away from the rear axle, a slat coupling sends up to 50 percent of the force forward. This happens within 150 milliseconds. After taking the FUB from the brake and place the accelerator pedal, a 50: 50 distribution appears on the display. A rear shooter had now remotely unused with the rear axle, but the Ghibli is moving with dull smoking, as if he was pulled from a rope.

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