Forgiveness at 320 hp: adrenaline motorsport murtaya

Forgiveness at 320 hp: adrenaline motorsport murtaya

Newquay (England), 4. January 2008 – Here in Newquay in the English County Cornwall, the surfers meet for surfing and make the young people to party. But here also sits an innovative little car screens: Adrenaline Motorsport. The enthusiastic guys of adrenaline tinker in an old barn exciting cars together. At the moment in the program: the ToniQ R, a very modern interpretation of the Lotus-7-Themas, and the Murtaya. Also on the offer list: The Minari Mark 2, which was only allowed to be a punctured motorsport fans a term. We have set ourselves into the Murtaya testing vehicle and into the Grun-Hugigan countryside Cornwall’s handling and speed.

Murtaya: Where does the name come from?

Under the small roof of Adrenaline Motorsport, a handful of people have come together, which already bring a lot of car construction experience. Some have worked at TVR, others designed by Rover models. The "Murtaya" has received his name of three leading employees: Dan Mur (Technical Director), Tom TaYlor (Workshop Director) and Neil YaTES (Marketing Director) are now immortalized in the vehicle name. The designer Colin Williams, who was already in Land Rover and Marcos bodies, must be recognized on the basis of his design language.

Which base?

The Murtaya is none of reason for newly developed car. As a basis, Adrenaline Motorsport cleverly sets one of the vehicles most misjudged in the broad public: a subaru WRX. This is missed another body, his engine is forced to more power, the wheelbase of the car is tured and the spring system is taken from the subaru WRX STI.

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