For the first time behind a black hole radiated light

For the first time behind a black hole radiated light

A research group has first identified light, which was broadcast from our perspective behind a black hole. This reports that for the proof responsible research team around the astrophysicist Dan Wilkins from the University Stanford. The light was therefore bent by the immense gravity of the black hole around the object and could reach us. Predicted that Albert Einstein, but only now the first proof of phanomenon succeeded. The capped light with the origin behind the black hole is therefore a kind of echo of directly observed radiation expansion.

Curved around the black hole

Actually, the general understanding of black punches and whatever their name suggests that even light is swallowed there and we could not see behind it, Wilkins admits. But as with some other phanners, these particularly extreme places of the universe are once more good for straws and once again confirm Albert Einstein and its relativity theory. Helpful was the 800 million light-years of us distant black hole in the center of the Galaxy I Zwicky 1. Especially bright outflow of rontgen radiation in the vicinity of the sky corpers were reflected behind it and the rays of these echoes were curved around the black hole and has now been proven here.

For the first time behind a black hole radiated light

Illustration to the observed phanomena

Its origin has the light observed in the so-called corona around the massive black hole. In research, it is present from the fact that gas falling into the black hole is heated to several million degrees and to magnetized plasma. The picture of this corona that radiates extremely bright in the ray spectrum. Again and again there is descendants in this region where a lot of energy is released with one stroke. So released radiation could now be detected with the space telescopes XMM-Newton and Nustar, the team succeeds. But really exciting were with delayed weaker images whose spectrum has slightly differentiated. That’s the radiation that originated behind the black hole.

Extravors the team presents the discovery in the trade magazine nature. Because the ray radiation contains information about their place of origin on the black hole, other discoveries are possible, so the researchers and researchers. You now want to create a three-dimensional map of the area of the black hole, among other things. In addition, they want to understand how to be possible in the Corona such bright breakouts.

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