For now no helmet duty for cyclists

For cyclists in Germany, helmets and bright warnests become better protection for the time being for the time being. Although recurrent luminous vests could improve security, the Federal Ministry of Transport responded to a request of the Grunen Group. However, a mandatory rule was grabby, as Radler could be patronized and imprisoned in freedom. However, it should be undergraded, but whether a duty or recommendation for the helmet comes into question for raders with a growing electric motor.

Often, cyclists were last caught with severe rule amptions. Last year 40 became.623 Cleans of cyclists recorded in the Flensburg Pointskartei for traffic. That was just under 2700 more than 2009, as evidenced by the government response. More cyclists drove over red traffic lights: Last year with this delic 11.444 Radler registered, after a good 8000 two years earlier. FURS ride over red fubgangerampling rose the number of detected cyclists from just under 6000 to just under 9000. By contrast, less under alcohol and drugs were traveling.

In the face of many deadly unfalls, Federal Minister of Traffic Peter Ramsauer (CSU) had been mapped, there should be more cyclists with helmet. If the helmet quota in the next few years did not increase to well over 50 percent, "then you have to come almost to a helmet duty," Ramsauer said in the fall. Last year, eleven percent of the cyclists wore head protection. According to the Federal Statistical Office came in 2010 in Germany 381 Radler to live, after 462 in the year before.

The transport policy spokesman of the Green Bundestag Faction, Stephan Kuhn, said, "We see a general helmet duty skeptical."This could give up many completely on the wheel. Especially in children and adolescents should be recruited for the head protection. "We have to create a bicycle-friendly climate and do not worry about fighting rugs," asked Kuhn. Many cyclists drove differently than prescribed because they felt safer in certain places. For example, in construction sites, only pay attention to the guided vehicle traffic, but too little on cyclists and fubers. "The traffic must be adapted to the weakest participants instead of adapting the weak participants to the traffic."

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