Fisker plant e-suv “ocean” on volkswagen meb basis

Fisker Plant E-SUV'ocean' auf volkswagens meb-basis'ocean' auf volkswagens meb-basis

Fisker wants to build his first SUV model Fisker Ocean based on the modular electric former (MEB) of Volkswagen. Already the prototype of this SUV, the Fisker entilled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, was created on MEB basis. The e-auto manufacturer writes in a presentation for potential investors, which on Monday (13. July 2020) was distributed. The brochure is intended to flank the fusion plan with Spartan Energy Acquisition Corporation.

Volkswagen had introduced the MEB 2018. It becomes a technical basis for all upcoming electric vehicles of the electric brand ID, but also for certain models of the Group brands Audi, Seat and Skoda. Volkswagen also licensed the platform outside of its group. The first attempt with E.Go Mobile failed after the startup had become insolvent. With Ford there is a contract on the art use of the MEB. Ford will first produce some tens of thousand commercial vehicle models from MEB base.

The SUV Fisker Ocean is intended to ensure a range of around 480 km with a generous lithium-ion battery with a storage capacity of around 80 kWh. The body should consist partly from recycled substances and get a vegan interior.

With VW license, Fisker delivers the body of the body

The use of Volkswagen’s MEB platform should help Fisker print the price and accelerate the production start. Originally, the company-primary Henrik Fisker wanted to offer a luxury sedan with a still developing hard corner battery. With a MEB license from Volkswagen, Fisker was first restrained primarily on the body’s construction.

If Fisker as planned will come into business in July with Volkswagen, the company expects to build 50 to 100 pre-series cars until the end of 2021 and receive production until the end of 2022. Volkswagen said against the tech magazine The Verge: "The Audi subsidiary Italdesign has used the MEB platform in consultation with Volkswagen as the basis for the development of SUV Fisker Ocean. However, a possible cooperation with Fisker in the implementation of a series project is not fixed yet."

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