First pictures with the canon eos m5

Canon’s first mirror-free system camera for upscale claim is now in the trade. Compared to the EOS M3, they offer an integrated viewfinder, a high standard formation rate and a grippy housing with many function keys and raders. During an event, we had the opportunity to try them with some different EF and EF-M lenses.

If you look at the online offers of trading to the new EOS M5, you will find an EF-M adapter for free. This mount adapter serves to begin the fracture EF and EF-S lenses of the SLR cameras to the mirrorless M series.

Canon EOS M5 sample pictures

First pictures with the Canon EOS M5

Canon EOS M5 with EF 18-150mm at 125 mm, ISO 2500, F / 6.3, 1/40 S

What seems very practical at first glance shows the weakness of Canon’s weakness in more detail: there are hardly high-quality M lenses that meet the new EOS M5. Even the current ideas like the EF-M 28mm 1: 3.5 IS STM or the simultaneously designed to the M5 EF-M 18-150mm is STM with a light-bearing of F / 3.5 to F / 6.3 aims more on beginners. It lacks light-butane zooms and festive focal lengths such as Fujifilm, Olympus or Panasonic. It’s, of course, abundantly built in the decades EF-assortment for Siegel reflex cameras. Whoever liked, however, the advantage of the handy camera immediately again with a powerful lens compared to the body? Then you rather attack the equivalent and similar expensive EOS 80D or a better-equipped mirror-free system .


Canon EOS M5

The Canon EOS M5 has a dual-pixel CMOS sensor with 24.2 megapixel resolution as the DSLR EOS 80D.

The EOS M5 is well in hand with flanged EF-M optics. Together with the PANCAKE EF-M 22mm 1: 2.0 Stm she is almost almost as a compact. With your mode dial, Settings and various function keys, you use a middle-class DSLR or comparable mirrorless of Olympus, Panasonic or Sony. When looking through the viewfinder you are doing a bit hard to find the controls like the button for the magnifying distance. The magnifying magnifying view does not automatically turn on when manually sharpening and does not automatically change to the normal view when the decomposition tapping is tapping. The goods a wish for the next software update. A key on the Camerafront right next to the lens can be assigned to the dimming function to assess the course of the depth scarf in the viewfinder or on the display.

The autofocus responded at first glance safely and compared to the previous M generations very fast – both with EF-M and EF objective. The series image mode also worked very flowing. Only: It took a long time for a long time until the camera had processed the pictures from the cache before they could play them on the display. In the M5, a current DIGIC-7 processor (DIGIC 7) – in the mirror reflection 80d it is still a digic 6.

First pictures

Canon EOS M5 with EF-M 22mm ISO series shadow ranges

First pictures with the Canon EOS M5

Canon EOS M5 with EF-M 22mm at ISO 100, F / 6.3 1/8 S. The awarded explanations for the various ISO values comes from the framed area. Image 1 of 10

Canon EOS M5 with EF-M 22mm ISO series lights

First pictures with the Canon EOS M5

Canon EOS M5 with EF-M 22mm at ISO 100, F / 6.3 1/8 S, -0 7EV. The awarded explanations for the various ISO values comes from the framed area.

To show the image noise and the representation qualitat, two ISO rows will be made – a shadow sections for bright image areas. With the new EF-M 18-150mm is STM – here it was still a pre-series copy – we created an aperture.

Canon EOS M5 with EF-M 18-150mm aperture row

First pictures with the Canon EOS M5

f / 6.3

EOS M5 with EF-M 18-150mm 1: 3.5-1: 6.3 at 105 mm, ISO 100, F / 6.3, 0.8 S

Most of the other pictures were created at high ISO numbers. The noise behavior at ISO 6400 is still in the reasonable framework for many applications. However, neutral-gray flat tilts already too colored noise. Exclusive behavior and detailed accuracy and an objective analysis of the image qualitat also compared to the competition we will catch up as soon as the editors exists a test apparatus.

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