Fire hd 10 and fire kids: amazon introduces new tablets

Fire HD 10 and Fire Kids: Amazon introduces new tablets

Amazon has explored several new Fire Tablets. The new models are available for children and adults, prices for the smallest models start at 100 euros.

With 150 euros a bit more expensive is the Fire HD 10, which is equipped with a 2 GHz fast Octa-Core processor and a 10 inch full HD screen. The screen radiates ten percent lighter according to the manufacturer than in the process. The battery of the Amazon Fire HD 10 should hold up to two hours without charging. There are 32 and 64 GB for election as a storage regeneration. In times of elaborate apps and high-resolution videos this is not necessarily much, but the tablet offers space for a memory card, with which up to 1 TB is added. The main memory is short with 2 GB, for video calls is a front camera with 2 megapixels ready.

Fire HD 10 and Fire Kids: Amazon introduces new tablets

Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus with Keyboard Hulle

If you are looking for a little more, you can use new and 30 euros more expensive Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus. After all, there is 4 GB of Ram, which was allowed to provide a liquid performance. In addition, the plus model supports wireless charging with Qi standard and packs the technique in a slightly fusible housing with soft-touch finish. Both new tablets are with the label "Reducing CO2" of the carbon trust, which testifies a reduction in the CO2 compressive print.

Working with the Fire Tablet

In Amazon "Productivity set" The package is supposed to serve the two tablets as an emergency worker. For this you get a special Hulle with Bluetooth keyboard and adjustable stick donated. However, the client has to do without a touchpad as a mission. In the price of 215 euros, an annual subscription is included by Microsoft 365 Single, which can otherwise cost 70 euros and can be used at a maximum of FUNF parallel. The productivity set is consultable for both variants of the Fire HD 10.

As another accessory Amazon offers suitable protective counters for 40 euros in the colors black, blue, olive and lavender. The wireless Ladedock of anchor for 50 euros is only compatible with the Fire HD 10 Plus.

Tablets for children

Also for children, Amazon has new tablets on offer: The Fire HD 10 kids is reied for 200 euros, Amazon sells a gorgeous version called Fire Kids Pro from 100 euros. This is aimed according to Amazon mainly at children’s school age and comes with a pre-filtered web browser as well as age-appropriate content for Amazon’s children’s platform kids+.

Fire HD 10 and Fire Kids: Amazon introduces new tablets

Amazon Fire HD 10 kids

Included in the purchase price of 100 euros is a one-year-old subscription from Kids +, to which about games, bookers and videos is obedient. In the near future with the Fire Kids Pro, language and video calls on Wi-Fi should be possible to other Fire or Echo devices – with contacts released by the parents. Even mobile phones with Alexa app should call the Fire Kids Pro. Alexa itself is not available on the Fire Tablet off from these specially cured functions.

The device is offered in different coars: with a 7-inch screen it costs 100 euros, with 8-inch display 135 and with 10-inch display 200 Euro – this variant is so expensive as the new Fire HD 10 kids. The devices are delivered from the 26. May.

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