Felderenpose or just a bache maker?

Feldherrenpose or just a bache maker?

Richard Grenell. Image: American Ministry of Defense / Common-free

Trump’s favorite ambassador Grenell threatens Germany with troop deduction and provokes sharp reactions

US Ambassador Richard Grenell is treated in Berlin, as exclusive insights of Hamburg Investigativismagin, treats governmental nervousness. One ignores his exercises there, as well as possible. At least to the outside, the Federal Government no longer wants to be arranged, the mirror has learned.

The most important ministries had agreed to each other not to comment on the Grenell attacks: there are no comments anymore, instead they rather talk to "Washington". The trick does not really seem to work: "But that makes his attacks no less agreeable."

Today’s Friday, Richard Grenell, Uber DPA launched a new attack, which gives rise to moral obligations, protects protection and security and make German money prompted – an effective mixture to remove in Germany to remove recurquisement.

It is really insulting to expect that the American taxpayer further more than 50.000 Americans paid in Germany, but the Germans use their commercial committee for local purposes.

Richard Grenell, US Ambassador in Germany

Grenell, according to the scope to which the exercise is put, responded according to the news agency on a tweet of the US ambassador in Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, reacted. Mosbacher exhibited Polish compulsory drainage as an example and stimulated the US troops leave Germany to be stationed in Poland:

Poland fulfills its payment obligation of two percent of GDP opposite NATO. Germany does not do that. We were buried it when the American troops came to Poland in Germany.

Georgette Mosbacher

US Prasident Trump is intended to bring such a troop layout to his Polish dictionary of Andrzej Duda in June, it will continue to be in the message, where then Grenell attacked:

Prasident Trump has right and georgette Mosbacher is right. (…) Numerous prasides have asked Europe’s large economy to pay for their own defense. This is a request that has attracted itself for many years and many governments.

Richard Grenell

One of the government has actually gained: Casting Schneider from the SPD. The first parliamentary businessman of the SPD parliamentary group told the mirror that the exercises under bonded "unreasonable" be. Germany does not let himself be blackmailed and also: "The director pose uses."

This is not an adequate replica. Because Richard Grenell is not from the subject, no general, he does not know about the military area, he teaches without expertise.

Strategic little practical

A relocation of US troops to Poland was at high expenses and costs of military perspective "bring very little" and is impractical, so the defense expert Thomas Wiegold, who on his blog "Eyes straight ahead" The largest installations of the US dispute in Germany lists – in the main:

  • The U.S. European Command in Stuttgart
  • The U.S. Africa Command in Stuttgart
  • The headquarters of the U.S. Army Europe in Wiesbaden
  • The Ramstein Air Base of the U.S. Air Force
  • The (officially unaccepted) US nuclear weapons in Buchel
  • The hospital of US dispute in country chair

These facilities have less to do with the protection interest of Germany than with the continued strategic interests of the US. The field of action of the commands installed here and the stationed troops" Do not be Germany, explains Wiegold, "but those of here (compared to the USA) much easier areas of application: in recent years Afghanistan and Iraq, and both the northeast and the sudo flank of NATO are approximately equally accessible."

A relocation of US troops to Poland was very expensive and due to the location of Poland bring that more effort has to be operated, "To ensure traffic routes". The only advantage of goods, so weighed that US troops were more closely at the northeast flank of NATO.

But that was all likely what weighed does not mention the tensions with Russia underlying basic and meaningless. Why this risk? To demonstrate strongly, for every effort is right?

It was not too cheap, one could explain the pose Richard Grenells with that the ambassador simply enthusiastic about the "Maximize"-Idea of his boss and this is repeated in the province again and again.

As far as the German defense expenditure is concerned, Grenell in Germany runs many open things anyway anyway. For this purpose, a look in the media like the FAZ, which turns out in your report that Germany continues to be in defense expenditure "far below the NATO target of two percent and criticized for trump regularly" will. Or in the Ministry of Defense, where Kramp-Karrenbauer is "Especially devot against Trump’s demands and those of NATO" shows (see: AKK: "We will increase the visibility of the Bundeswehr in our society"To).

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