Federal government calls open source

Support of the closing program GPG has first of all symbolic meaning

Werner Koch and his colleagues can be pleased: the Open-Source project GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) coordinated by the Duseldorfer Programmer is intended this year a financial syringe of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) in the amount of around 250.000 mark received. In the next year, further funds and fails should follow. The Federal Government wants to remain the potential of Open Source for the security area and hopes for a signal effect from the demand.

Hardly back in office, Ulrich Sandl, in the BMWi for the "Dialogue with social groups and IT security" stated, the liberal crypto ecks of the Federal Government with Life Fulen. In June, the Head of the Unit was "Bonner window crash" from his private apartment almost came to death and was several days in coma. "I had had Gluck: It was the same high as with Rex Gildo", Can sand sand again today.

Since the accident, the situation has changed in the crypto sector: the US has reformulated its export notifications for trapping products and require crypto manufacturers now "only" still, your export goods to the Ministry of Economic Affairs or. The National Security Agency (NSA) to a unique "Technical check" to present (American government loosens Krypto export restriction). The times of "wild West" In the dispute over the closure are over, believes Sandl.

The conflicts are ultimately but only more subtle: instead of the club is now fought with the floret. In the foreground, for the BMWi, the awareness of German companies continued to initiate safety in the Federal Government’s Information Society Platform. In the future, however, standardization processes in the cryptographic area were also becoming more important, as the actual policy is now made via committees and organizations.

The second gross focus is on the demand of open source projects, of which the BMWi is hoped for a large transparency and reliability of products, especially in the security area. "The principle of confidence claim through risk-covering works less and less under the conditions of modern information society", Support OLAF Angle from the Institute for Political Science of the University of Munster the tarp. Manufacturers, network operators and service providers who wanted to gain and preserve the confidence of their customers, are well advised to orient themselves at the open source policies of transparency and fast reaction.

The praise words want the BMWi just after the youngest scandal about Microsoft’s closing interface in Windows operating systems, which contain for critics like Andy Muller-Maguhn from the Chaos Computer Club a backpire for the NSA, now followed. The core question is, Sandl, how the transparency of safety advances improve: "Especially for middle-class companies, it is almost impossible to assess the actual security value of a shutter product."

An important approach should be the claim of GPG. "With the concept of GPG, a tool could be created, which is available as ‘Public Domain’ software without restrictions for all user layers – including commercial users and private users – free and free of free", Rejoices Hubertus Squat, speaker for IT security in the BMWI. The contested money syringe should serve mainly, convenient user interfaces for this so far as "Geek toy" Missed GPG to create and adapt to the different operating systems as well as to develop mail clients.

With a brochure on the topic "Linux in small and medium-sized enterprises" Will the BMWi also want to promote the Open Source operating system as an alternative to Windows and as a platform for corporate use. In it, company instructors should be made familiar with the basic technology technology of Linux. As a partner and sponsor, the BMWI was able to win the Linux distributor Linuxland. ()

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