Facebooks jucked in australia: prime minister dot and discharged

Facebooks JUCKED IN AUSTRALIA: Prime Minister Dot and Discharged

"Arrogant" and "disappointing" These are the words that the Australian Prime Minister for the finish Facebook will find in the news area. On his Facebook page Postet Scott Morrison: "This procedure will only take the launches in many countries strong that the coarse tech companies believe to be coarse as governments and can make all the rules themselves." Parliament will not be impressed when it comes to the votes for the new media law.

Morrison might encourage Facebook to continue working constructively with the government – as Google has just proved that it is possible. This refers to the contractual degree with all rough posts of the country. Google pays millions to display messages in your own service news showcase. The extent to which this also refers to the search and other Google services is so far unclear. The News Media Bargaining Code provides that Google does not just have to pay only for the news area, but for any use of content of publishers, so also left.

Facebook means that one was in a completely different situation as Google, and has decided on the shutdown instead of accommodating. Google Crawle The content. On Facebook, publishers post them voluntarily themselves, potentially pay even for Facebook’s contributions to more people. The question arises according to the value of the linking, which thereby increased range and the path of advertising revenues – one of the jazne points of the media law. Background is also that Facebook and Google were quasi-packed by their monopoly-like position, even before they could arrive at the news producers. Therefore, the two tech giants should pay the publishers license stocks which are defined in doubt by Arbitration Court.

Worldwide support for Australia

Now Facebook has decided not to show messages instead of paying and saying, it does not make a rough difference anyway for the social network – with the messages, not for the user. However, Facebook is in many countries to build a separate news area in the network and negotiate here with publishers.

First of all, in Australia, many other sources were blocked in addition to the news pages by means of an artificial intelligence, from governments to health platforms and weather reports. Of course. Prime Minister Morrison sees Facebooks behaved as a scope of friendship.

He finds support among other things from the Canadian Minister of Culture Steven Guilbeaht. Canada plans a similar law, after which the coarse tech companies have to make more money. Now Guilbeaht says, fighting in the forefront and will take an example of the Australian law. Australia’s premier should have already spoken with government officials of several countries, including India, Germany and France. The Vice Presentess of the EU Parliament, Katarina Barley, told the Handelsblatt that advertising algorithms, which make up a coarse part of the platform revenue, disclosed and regulated, and this the Digital Service ACT must provide you. Especially hard words also come from the chairman of the British digital commission, Julian Knight. He should behave Mark Zuckerbergs than that of a schoolyard tyrant.

The Facebook boss and the Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg are probably in direct contact. Frydenberg emphasizes that you will not be advanced to ask Internet groups for the benefit of content to checkout. The Media Act will come.

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