Expo 2000: disputes for detention conditions

For the weekend residence bans for all "Make-up", the yesterday in advance

While the Hanoverian police president Hans-Dieter Klosa demonstrates satisfaction in a first balance after the anti-Expo demonstrations, today on the network pages of the info service WWW are today.Expo-Calypse.DE Heavy premiums against the police monitor. Above all, the nature of the accommodation of the approximately 400 people, which have been arrested on the eve of clashes in the Hanoverian city center of the police.

"According to accurate portraits of parents and belongings of the arrested, but also from safe sources of the ‘federal labor critical police officers’, the coarse part of the boiler at the Anzeiger Hochhaus were detained in the covered car storage of the police prose party in the Hardenbergstrasse. Each three times around 70 people share a room shortened with wire mesh. 35 sqm.", It is called in a report from Expo-Calypse.de.

Not only the sanitaries, but also the sparingly extremely narrow conditions, were partly too highly psychic and physical excitement. In addition, it continues to be called, several salaries were not transmitted by the police to the custody taken. "Many detained but had just asked a lawyer. However, however, it was said that the prisoners had not requested a lawyer."

Helmut Kurps, press spokesman of the Hanoverian police, explained that he did not understand these premieges. Although the arrested were housed in a garage tract in the yard, but that has long been not used as a garage for a long time. Also the tightness in the individual "Short-term strongly occupied" Haft cells have been to be supported. Since the arrested regularly rejected or was guided to lawyers, it has been one "Stillary coming and go" given curps. In addition, no detainees have been denied to talk to a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Hannoversche Policeprasident Klosa emphasized in a first record that the total 10000 officials had had the situation under control at any time. "We were always able to respond immediately to storeactions, also of small groups, quickly and efficiently and made it clear that we did not let the nose drove around." According to Klosa, more than 330 men and women were arrested, about 270 did not come from Hanover. Against all of the next weekend, residence bans for the city of Hannover were pronounced. "I expect", said Klosa, "that this proceedings. Otherwise, we are discontinued to take these people in a longest time to custody – and we will do that too!"

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