Exotic status

Exotic status

Munchen, 24. November 2014 – The car looks almost as if there is no aquatic water. If you order him in gray and leave the RS badges, it’s at first glance as a normal compact SUV. Only those who look closely recognizes differences. The tailpipe on the stern in diffuser look or the honeycomb grill stand for more power. What gives you from driving?

Significantly improved passage

The RS Q3 has a revision with an extensive technical update behind. The Turbo Funfzylinder has 30 hp and 30 nm more and strengthens to 340 hp and 450 nm. He remains exotic and, if necessary, will be comparable to a 360 hp Mercedes GLA 45 AMG. Incomparably the wonderfully rough age sound of the funfzylinder engine, one of the last of its kind. When turning up, the grossing of challenging sounds, an exhaust flap stomps the sound now with high tours.

With brute prere, the SUV sprints and hangs greedy at all times. The newly coordinated seven-speed dual-clutch transmission ensures that its progress also switches as smoothly like zackig. So the Power-Q3 catapults is 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and is only arranged at 250 km / h. The transaction has used comparatively leisurely 5.5 seconds to get into the three-digit speedometer.

Straight suspension

When running straight, remember the huge propulsion and hoarse smoking at the motor dispenser TT RS. In fast curves, however, the higher focus is on traces, although the rolling movements for a SUV are quite discreet. For this, the tight sports suspension and the lowering of 20 millimeters provide. Against 980 euros surcharge is now also an adaptive steamer system on board. It is at the touch of a button on the standard setup system in the modes "Comfort", "automobile" and "Dynamic" controllable. However, the differences between comfort and dynamic mode are not serious, the car is always stressed.

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