Exoskeletz: too much spiritual activity brakes effect

Exoskeletz: Too much spiritual activity brakes effect

Exhibitors are from fantastic laboratory constructions that have fallen again to have come to everyday use, which are increasingly used in industry – often to reduce the burden of lower jerks. The episis of the own movements to the mechanical support is largely unconscious. But she still occupies valuable resources in the brain.

Resources of resources

When people wore exoskelette, during their tasks, in which they think about their actions, these resources are understood under circumstances, which leads to the fact that people work against the exoskelette, instead of having to be supported by them. This is the result of a study, which was published in the trade magazine Applied Ergonomics.

For the investigation William Marras love the Ohio State University and colleagues on two men – six men and six women – in two 30-minute sessions repeatedly lift a medicine ball. At one of the sessions, the participants carried an exoskeleton attached to the chest and the legs of the user. At the other session they did not carry it. In doing so, the researchers often do the power that during each meeting on the lower jerking of the participants and how often the participants stop the ball. Then they asked the same participants in separate sessions, the same task, but love the participants each time they tackle the ball, 13 of a random number between 500 and 1.Subtract 000.

Physical help is not enough

The result: The exoskeleton reduced the load on the lower jerking of the participants if the participants just had to tackle the ball and lower the ball. But if the participants had to expect the ball in their heads and lowering the ball, these benefits disappeared. "It’s almost as if you were dancing with a really bad partner", said William Marras, head author of the study. "The exoskelet’s tries to anticipate their movements, but it does not run well, so they fight with the exoskeleton, and that causes this change in their brain, which changed the muscle recruitment – and could cause high power to cause their lower jags, which may cause pain and injuries."

That coincides with a result that achieved research ends. They had militarane-attractive 2020 with and without exoskeletons over a training course running, and put various cognitive tasks. Among other things, the researchers found that the reaction time and thought performance of portners active exoskelette was significantly worse. However, there was also a substantive scattering under the subjects. "The conclusion is that the use of exoskelets with many compromises is connected", Write Marras. "It’s not so easy to lay the workers on the jerking and then just start them." If you need to take into account the cognitive requirements associated with a concrete task (such as precise placement, selection of the right parts, dealing with restrictions like little space) to understand the potential advantages of the exoskeleton. "So it’s about more than just the physical side. The spirit and the body are connected to each other!"

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