Exit in detroit canceled

Exit in Detroit canceled

"Even though we are extracted, there is nothing more important to us than health, safety and well-being of the burgers of Detroit and Michigan," said Messe-Director Rod Alberts in a statement in Detroit. "And we will do what we can need to support the fight of our community against the outbreak of the coronavirus."The US catastrophic protection worker FEMA wants to use the congress center in Detroit because of the spread of lung disease as a field hospital.

The fair should take place this year for the first time in June, after in recent years, the visitor and exhibitor figures were clearly reflected in the usual appointment in mid-January. Automeme manufacturer increasingly moved to the technical fair CES in Las Vegas. The fair in Detroit is aligned by the Detroit region, in the metropolis, with General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, but also the "Big Three" of US automakers are located.

As in Europe in the works of among others Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW, the Bander der Autofabriken are still quiet in North America. Because of the Coronavirus, the planned internationally important automatic automation in Geneva (Marz) and Beijing (April) have already been failed or postponed.

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