Exercise test discloses safety deficiency with small convertibles

Exercise test discloses safety deficiency with small convertibles

Munchen, 20.May 2008 – The convertible season has been opened, and thanks to the many expansive convertible versions of small cars, open pleasure for a growing number of motorists is affordable. But what about the safety of open small ones ordered? The ADAC wanted to find out what happens with the inmates at overshoot-unplugged. In a rollover crash test, the Citroen C3 Pluriel, the Mini Cooper and the Peugeot 207 CC three current representatives of this vehicle class were taken under the magnifying glass.

It is really safe

The frightening result: so really safe is none of the tested subjects. It is best to cut the Peugeot equipped with active overshoot protection. Thanks to the automatic survival bullet in 207 CC, especially the rear passengers are relatively well lifted. Less well-protected are the front seated, because the front window trays greatly yield. The bad belt geometry contemplates the dangerous leaning out of the upper corpers from the vehicle because the shoulder slips out of the webbing. However, the series-maby belt tensioners (with overshadow sensors) at least contribute to the fact that the passengers are kept deeply in the seat from the lap belt.

Mini: Turule buckle the least one

With the mini (with passive overshot protection), the front turfs buckle the least one. But this positive property is being rejected by the unfavorable belt geometry and the belt turmoil, which is not ignominated during the overall stroke. The passenger slips too far out of the seat, which increases the risk of head injuries. Already for 1.75 meters of gray people, the feast built-in bullet in the rear are clearly too short.

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