Everything just a march?

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

Here was a lot told and written above "Zombite", One of the funniest comodies of the year. What is still missing, the trailer is the movie. And the outlook "Zombieland 2" (aka "Meow") Walking Christmas 2010 in our cinemas. Yes, our subtle online magazine is always a bit ahead of time.

Subject change! But we stay in the cinema. Whether the whole thing is just a thought-out or a real network march, is actually pretty much. The story is just too good to ignore them. And moreover, there is indeed a sequel in the light house around the corner. (If there is still it.) Success hearn This story is the Uruguayer Fede Alvarez, which is referred to in the reports once as advertising, as a junior filmmaker and then as the owner of a film trick studio. Maybe the good is all together? Anyway, he allegedly has (!) Less than 500 US dollers produces a four-minute short film: "Panic Attack!", A short, but attractions Sci-Fi spectacle.

This movie, which from the attack of huge auberrardish robot on Montevideo "told", Then somehow arrived (!) To YouTube. There they saw them into the details of perfect stripes in the shortest time more than 1 million people. And because of this success was allegedly (!) Then Hollywood at Alvarez attentively. So the probably young man was a lucrative offer. And, you believe the diverse springs, then it is now under direction of Sam Raimi ("Spider-Man") As a producer of short film as a template for a proper evening-enforcing movie serve – alleged at the Alvarez (!) Involved as a director or only as a consultant. Whether the story is right or just a clever advertising idea is, such as the blog "Base Thinking" suspected, remains to be seen. In any case, the movie is extremely worth seeing.

Also worth seeing is this hamster chapel – also a nice advertising idea. And still a look at the strip "Avatar", the coming week to our cinemas "clog" will. A wonderful collection with a high entertainment value has published the Swiss political magazine lupe: "When politicians keep alcoholic talking". For this as a small amount of this rhetoric masterpiece yes, that were still times.

Now our quick run: a great magic trick presents Gavin McNnes. Suitable this handjob. Two big artists can be experienced in this video. That’s exactly how a woman finds the right man. Here is a supposed accident with the trampoline and the breakdowns of the year. The closing point sets a pre-Christmas video from the blog of the shock wave rider.

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