Everything gone up the backup

The drama around the online appearance of the Spex and what the editorial office does

It is the nightmare of every webmaster, a single disaster, the total Gau: as the editorial team of the Kolner Musikmagazins Spex is a backup of his internet performance, all the data is lost. All sides land in Nirwana. The SPEX editors stands head and makes the most of the misery network avant-garde.

Actually, it was a routine process, nothing special. Because the provider, over which the Spex pages are placed on the Internet, wanted to rebuild the computer on which the entire data of the occurrence was restarted, technicians took last week the appearance of the monthly music magazine (edition: 30.000) Complete from the network. All data were compressed and stored on another computer. And then: "When leafing the archive, the entire database has broken", Says the online boss of the Spex, Carsten Sandkamper and sent: "The only thing that is still extractable under circumstances are the texts." How could that happen, is unclear. "That was probably a conjunction stupid. There you can not accuse anyone", so sandpaper.

For the editors, all this is a single catastrophe. Only in early May her appearance was completely relaunched. Then found on the SpeX pages, packed in simple modern design, massive CD reviews, news, specials over musician, a lively frequented forum, audio and video streams. About 300.000 page views paid the makers in some months, about 30.000 Single users watched regularly, it’s been in the editorial staff. That the pages are now irretrievably stuck in the virtual orcus, "we hurt us", says sandpaper, "because it is not that our appearance was blessed by visitors." He who were there, that fears, "are now probably again at the others, at Intro (www.intro.de) and so."

So do if the appearance is in the bucket, the surfers are confused? "How was it with network anarchy?", probably thought the speXler and so looks now on your Behelfs pages also. On the home page explodes with a juicy crash of the SpeX logo and then there is: "Turn the online spinners now totally on the wheel? Anarchiewed at Spex. It can only be worse…" Bottom left read visitors "Skip intro", and who clicks on it, is critically landing on the pages of the Kolner Competition Magazine Intro to be redirected to the new SpeX appearance after a few seconds. Fatalism helps stop when the hat is burning.

On the BehelfS homepage, there are now various words, under which links to other pages hide. Who on "Fuck?" Clicks, looks a cartoon dog that pits a toaster. Under "Read" Numerous texts are hiding from and over Max Goldt and "See" can, who clicks, some excerpts from the Late-Night Show of Conan O’Brien. Oh yes, under "Wipe" Present a stucco white toilet paper. There is also a speX editor every day in exactly 666 seconds a text that will be unprocessed unprocessed, which then sometimes reads: "Le Tigre are Da Natruluicg SNZ otherwise but the Spele Likewise not footballl and DESHAB has not lost anything here, I’m sorry, Bun vonm topic deviated and find the same Wider atpck."

The online GAU will not be communicated with any word, but among the listed letters of the last days somnam smart reader suspects the problem and a wrote: "How cool is that?" and say the anarchy appearance. To provide at least a small part of the full-time online program, the hurriedly touched speX TV is expected to run in the next few days, where there are probably editors in front of the camera. What, did not know Yesterday. A "absolute madness" Name the sandman, because of course he has no idea what to happen here in the next few days. Sure is that at all, something has to happen to keep surfers. At all the chaos, the speechers still remain the certainty of being not to blame himself at the collapse of the performance, although the question represents why the data has not been made for a long time before the breakdown backup copies. Nevertheless, the damage caused will probably become an insured event. And how is the editors? "We are close to the madness, but it’s just like that and there we have to do something out now", says sandpaper.

A few minutes later, he and his colleagues see the pictures from New York. Since that is under Spex.the following: "For the current events in New York, Washington and ??? Passes us all lust at the witty. Therefore, today less business as Unusual. Until sometime."

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