Evernote receipt task management

Evernote Receipt Task Management

A task management directly in the notes receipt Evernote as part of an update. Tasks can be sorted according to notes, forty or own markers – and of course. Details can be written as text in the note, also other Evernote functions such as memories that are synchronizing between clients or the assignment of users available. To start are the tasks in a test phase.

The home startup screen introduced in January now also receive the apps for Android and iOS. He should summarize all the information important to the user. Under Windows and MacOS, entries can be converted to a note on the lubricating block with a keyboard shortcut into a note.

Smarter search

In addition, the developers have worked the search. It should now automatically detect variations of the terms and thus include typing or different punctuation in the search. Furthermore, Evernote introduces some previously deleted functions, including importing directories under MacOS and the export of notes as Enex or HTML files.

Especially for companies Evernote guides that once shared notebookers no longer have to be shared manually with colleagues of the same company – every user can join automatically. In addition, the search now no longer differs only the own notes, but also those of other users who have shared with one.

All details about the update can be found in the blog entry of Evernote.

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