Europe clipper mission: nasa rides spacex on the way to jupitermond

Europe Clipper Mission: NASA rides Spacex on the way to Jupitermond

The US space workers NASA has Spacex with the start of the "Europe Clipper Mission" instructed. The Jupitermond should be examined for possible life. The Falcex Heavy rocket from Spacex will lift off in October 2024. The order to Spacex will cost NASA around 178 million US dollars. This is clearly favorable than the use of one’s own huge rocket "Space Launch System" (SLS).

NASA explained that the probe of Europe Clipper Mission should provide detailed information about Europe. The exploration of habitable is in the foreground. The main objectives of this mission are the creation of high-resolution images of the surface of Europe, the determination of their composition, looking for signs of new or persistent geological activities, the meng of the thickness of the icy shell of the moon, the search for underground lakes and the determination of the depth as well of salt salts from Europe’s ocean.

Spacex order favorable as NASA rocket

Elon Musks Space company Spacex can bring Europe Clipper to just 178 million dollars. However, the flight to Jupiter takes more than five and a half years, so that the probe should reach Europe only in April 2030. The own SLS rocket had made the flight in about three or four years ago, NASA had provided Ars Technica But about 2 billion dollars more cost.

In addition, the scientist also fired that the start of the mission had shifted with a SLS rocket. The SLS rocket is used for the Artemis mission, which should bring 2024 astronauts to the moon. The aircraft builder Boeing is responsible for the engines of the rocket and should be better fully focused on Artemis instead of Nasa officials rather than two projects of this coarse.

No alternatives, but ESA also with Jupiter mission

The selection of Spacex as means of transport was according to information Space News on the other hand, a simple decision. The NASA has provided three successful starts in total and at least two successful starts in this way for the Europe Clipper Mission. Although the last step backs two years, Falcon Heavy has already flown successful three times. Alternatives such as Blue Origins New Glenn or Vulcan Centaur The United Launch Alliance, on the other hand, will only stand out the next year.

Europe Clipper is not the only planned Jupiter mission. In June 2022 should "Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer" start, a probe of the European space agency ESA. Your goal is the exploration of the Galilies moons of the planet Jupiter, especially Ganymed, but also Europe and Kallisto. Here, it should also be examined whether these moons can be allowed to live and habitable for living beings. The probe should reach Jupiter in October 2029.

Jupiter probe Juno and Ganymed

Europe Clipper Mission: NASA rides Spacex on the way to Jupitermond

On the 7. June 2021 meets the first picture of the Jupper Moon Ganymede, recorded with a grun filter.

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