Eu council agrees with one-hour loose period for terrorist content

EU Council agrees with one-hour loose period for terrorist content

Terrorists should fall very harder to abuse the Internet to spread radical views, recruit trail and to mind violence. On Tuesday, the EU Council of Ministers advocated the draft for a corresponding regulation, according to which operators of online platforms is still "Terrorist content" on the arrangement of arbitrary authority from a member state within one hour. A judicial permit is not required.

In the legal text, negotiators of the EU Parliament, the Council and the Commission had become immersed in December. The loosely requests can therefore be related to texts, images as well as sound or video recording including live streaming, which contains terrorist acts or instructions for the construction of bombs or weapons.

Although Internet platforms are not required to monitor the entire traffic. However, if they have already been published on them terrorist content, they have to take special maws to protect their services before spread. Over the choice of funds, companies can decide themselves. Expective is not a default ("Automated tools"To). These were able to enforce the EU deputies to make upload filters not mandatory.

Release as fast as possible

The lot adjustments can also be directed against service providers such as Amazon, Facebook, Google with Youtube, Tiktok or Twitter, which do not have their headquarters in the EU. Operator of online forums on which users leave comments or upload content, are also recorded. The country in which the host provider is sitting is to examine foreign loose searches and confirm them within 24 hours. If no release takes place, the operator must block access to the appropriate content only in the state that has made the application.

Small and medium-sized enterprises should be terror propaganda without strict timing "as soon as possible" Loose if you can prove for such an exception to operational reasons. Orders can not relate to journalistic and artistic content as well as polemic and satirical community expenses.

Too short loose period?

Burgerreller Monore that the hour period could hardly be fulfilled and the threatening sharp sanctions could lead to a proactive, automated censorship. The Portuguese Minister of the Interior Eduardo Cabrita, on the other hand, stressed that the law enforcement habits soon have an effective instrument in the fight against terrorist threats. The plenary of the EU Parliament must still confirm the negotiated compromise, which is considered a formality. The Regulation will enter into force on the twentieth day after its publication in the EU Official Journal, a year later she should be applied.

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