Erdogan is not at the end

The Herben’s voice losses of the ACP are more of an expression of the missed sub-policy of the Turkish State President

The Turkish Prasident Erdogan is certainly not a fanatic. His overwhelming election victory in July 2007 was only the leading highlight of a long development. During Iran the mosques are empty, even an alienation of religious dogmas takes place, especially under the urban youth, the mosques in the NATO-Land Turkey are laid down the mushrooms from the ground. It was probably even healing if the attempt came into progress in the powerful turkey, to install a Democratic-Koranic system carried by the population, after which one in the circumstances "Islamic world", In vain look up. Somehow, the ratio of Europe against his Islamic neighbors must be placed on a new, more realistic basis.

The respect for the democratic will of the majority, even though these temporar properly preases a religious form of state, should prioritize over the Kungelei and Kupani with superflatable dictators and fundamentalist feudal rousers whose attaches to the West serves only their own self-preservation and the early or Send later.

For the average tank, especially if he belongs to the majority of the Sunni Kleinerburgertum, stability of the social framework is undoubtedly more important than individual freedom of expression, which applies not only for the inhabitants of Anatolia. If superflat commentators in the West claim that the electoral defeat of Erdogan was stopped authorite tendencies in Turkey, so they have no idea about the youngest story of this country. The Herben’s voice losses of the ACP are more of an expression of the missed AUBE policy Erdogan.

His commitment, flanked by ancient caliphat dreams, in the bloody turmoil of the Arab neighborhood, has vamped the geopolitical position of Turkey. As it could happen that the once-open friendship between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bashar Al-Assad in Hate closed, has not yet clarified.

With the flagrants interference Erdogan in the Syrian burger war, Erdogan has given a strategic direction of space that the Turkey exposes the omagility of its geographic neighborhood. The Case Kobane, when Ankara dies the Iraqi Kurds fighting there against the IS troops, cost him Wahler’s voices under the conservative reliant Kurdish election. In the long term, the government in Ankara did that the eastern part of their territory irresistible in the so-called political emancipation of Northern Iraq and Northern Syria, even if you love there, you want to avoid the distributors of the Kurdish freedom movement on the Kurdish room.

the "Democratic party of the Volker" (HDP), which occurs under this unprecedented name for the special position of the Kurdish parts of the land, but also received Left and Alevitic voices from the urban spectrum, it was possible to benefit from it and developed on the scales.

An official discrimination of the Kurds – as they were assimilatory – had not given it even under Ataturk. Hospitals of these ethnicity were found in the highest state posts. National resistance was always stifled. With the mentioned HDP, the ACP even went a parliamentary cooperation.

The crisis built up from the West in Ukraine, the association of the peninsula of Crimea, the blazing conflicts in the Caucasus, bring the black sea, which until the end of the 18.Century under the rule of Ottomans stood to the center of an international strength test. The accession of Turkey to the European Union, which remains controversial among member states and gives rise to hypocrisy and demagogy, was now allowed to.On a coarse part of the Turks are considered considering the associated restriction of their sovereignty as little desired value.

The really important question is today on the state of relations between Ankara and Washington. Here the moods have risen and the irritations take. The fact that the Financed Fethullah Gulen-Clan, the Erdogan had announced the fight and interpreted as a large domestic threat, resided in exile in the United States, dear the suspicion, this Ominose Brotherhood was coordinating her worldwide activities with US intelligence services. Here are additional tensions to be expected. As always the new government is designed in Turkey. The Ara Erdogan is not over yet.

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