Epic vs. Apple: xbox unprofitable? Apple does not believe microsoft

Epic vs. Apple: Xbox unprofitable? Apple does not believe Microsoft

Apple liked information from Microsoft, according to which the sale of XBox advisers for the company is fundamentally subject to losses from the official protocol in the App Store process between the iPhone Group and Epic Games. This is apparent from a request to submit Apple’s Phalanx to Kindold at the United United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Apple: We have no numbers

In it, Lori Wright, the Microsoft Vice Prospective, is called for the Xbox business development, misses it "Credibility". The testimony is made, "without that [Wright] occupies them with a profit and loss" have. Microsoft had not delivered any data and does not seem to be willing to be.

Wright was witness for Apple’s process opponents Epic Games. The players had claimed that Microsoft did not make a profit with the XBox, which is why the 30 percent commission required by the software concerture went fine for digital game sales. Apple’s iPhone is highly profitable and spool Apple billions in the cash registers. Microsoft does not take advantage of a profit with the sale of his Xbox console, Lori Wright said, on Wednesday before the Californian court. Instead, among other things, it depends on it to set up 30 percent of the sale of games on the platform to be remembered. Apple had already tried to delete Wright’s statements – even in April it was about Microsoft "Sufficient documents" lack.

Microsoft did not want to remove from Apple

Apple’s high app store delivery is a key ie in the procedure. Apple takes you on the sale of apps and digital content on the iPhone. EPIC, on the other hand, wants to operate a separate app store on the iPhone and do not sell to Apple when selling digital. The process could change the highly-profile Apple App business therefore.

As part of the process, meanwhile, it came out that Microsoft had tried to completely bypass for his office package Apple’s commission. According to internal e-mails between the Group and Apple’s management, the software line wanted to redirect the subscription degree for Office on the iPad in 2012 on his own payment process. Apple’s reaction then: "We drove the store, we collect the money", Such ex-marketing boss and later App Store boss Phil Schiller.

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