Interior Ministers Conference demonstrates problems and dearly operates mood

You should not keep it possible for possible: Export world champion Germany continues to score. The land of travel-friendly Germans, the emigration country, the more than 100.000 Bundesburg is left, which want to settle elsewhere, the Hurden for immigrants still wants to be high. The Ministers of the Interior have decided to be satisfied with the Stammtisch. How was that?? "The world a guest at friends"? Wonders who is not integrated here.

The Ministers of the Interior had been very urgent to advise on their two-day conference in Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 200.000 people live in Germany as merely "tolerated". Because they have no pass, with their routes of origin no deportation agreements exist or it is not possible from other reasons not to deport them, the foreigners have pronounced them tolerations.

The hoard is nice, but is a particularly precare form of residence law. Rarely the tolerations run a long than half a year, usually only a few weeks. After expiration, it is back to the extension of the end of the extension of the extension of the extension, make a new application to pick up a new stamp. Maybe. Maybe you will be arrested in the office and plugged into deportation. And at every application, the whole family must be brought to office, the children must be brought from school and watching how the parents of German officials are remedied.

For years this can go. 120.000 people live longer than five years in this condition. Always the Damocleeschword of the threatening deportation overheard, never more long than a few weeks are planning. For two years, therefore, the covenant has remained! Right to rightway! against these "chain litations" mobile and calls for a right of residence for all and as a first step a waste control. Again and again, Social Democratic Interior Minister promise to use for it, always blocks the Christian warehouse. Last week, Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Interior Ralf Stegner (SPD) on a press conference in the Kiel State House made its consent to an agreement in the opaillary dispute depending on a decision of a residential law regulation.

But wrong indicator: Again the topic was posted, again you leave the affected persons in the rain. Now it is called, in November is decided, and meantime can be deported at any time. The lobby organization per asylum, which is strong for a human handling of escape strikes, therefore requests at least a moratorium:

The Interior Ministries of the Lander calls for a deportation media to the next Minister of Interior Conference. This should be prevented that in the meantime thousands of integrated people are deported. The countries can be solazed in sole responsibility such a deportation stop for six months.

Pro Asylum Speaker Bernd Mesovic

It’s about trap like the Kurdish-Turkish family Aydin. 17 years ago, parents fled from Turkey from Burger War and political persecution. Many of the eleven children were born here. Four of them now have German Stateburgerschaft, the family is best socially integrated. Nevertheless, according to which all asylum approach was rejected and the federal government of the opinion is, Kurke did not pursue the rest of the family. Against the recommendation of the hard barrier commission. In Berlin is election campaign. SPD and CDU voted on Friday in the House of Representatives a motion of the Grunen, who called for a right of residence for the family.

But these are not fate that a German interior minister robbed the sleep. So instead of losing a really urgent problem in Garmisch a truly urgent problem, you have put most energy into a debate about the compilation of the Einsburgerungsnungs conditions. Have come out – how should it be different – new horses: Who applies for a German passport to a German passport, should prove an immigration course with the examination. The SPD has held itself on the queries of moral conceptions, but in such a test can not come out other than a delicate TUV, seems clear.

For those who put the application, these are people who have been living in Germany in Germany for many years and mostly relocated their center of food here. Often they came as children in the country. Probably the nearly 120 will be.000 to 150.000 who are currently applying for the German Stateburgerschaft, hardly to quench someone, as little as one emigrates because the CDU represents the Chancellor.

But deterrence is not necessarily the priority goal of the conservatives. Rather, it’s about mood, it’s about presenting the immigrants as a potential danger to paint Muslim horror to the wall. With the realitate, everything has little to do. Of the 6.75 million, which paid the Federal Office for Statistics at the end of 2005 as a foreign population in Germany, only almost 2.7 million less than ten years living in Germany. Around 1.3 million of the foreigners are also children or adolescents, so that probably only slightly more than half of the named 2.7 million adults. And at least 1.4 million foreigners live in Germany over 30 years. Or in other words: The "foreigners" are in their most predominant major immigrants who have apparently have been their place in Germany for a long time, they pay taxes here, contribute to social security and roughly pull their children (not for Germans like other parents Easy task is especially when the money is scarce). The politicians of the coarse parties should finally stop treating these people like Auberdirdische.

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