Endstation america?

Borne by politicians and functionaries non-governmental organizations "Duisburg explanation" Sets political accents and sees the US problem for Europe

Not an organization of peace movements or globalization opponents, but that to the 28. Times taking place and thus well established culture festival "Duisburg accents" represents the provocative question this year "Endstation America?". There was therefore a dispute in advance.

The up to 15.May lasting event have been caused a long time before starting for Unfritted. Occasion is the so-called "Duisburg explanation", The private initiative of politicians and functionaries non-governmental organizations under the title "Dream and nightmare America – the USA as a problem for Europe" has been published. As a precaution, you pretend to clarify the internet:

"The explanation was initiated by Duisburg Burgern. Responsible for the content are the signatory recorded in the Annex. It is not the official opinion of the city of Duisburg".

The explanation will not only ensure in Duisburg in the next few weeks for plenty of discussion. Your authors require a reorientation of Europe against the US beyond the "Junior partnership" as one or a total decoupling than the other extreme. However, a strengthening Europe should not simply imitate the US, but too "become a non-military counterweight to the United States, which is obliged to peace and sustainable and humane development of business and society". In the text, Europe is allocated to positively occupied properties such as peace, civil society and sustainability, while the US is always proven with the attributes of brutal power policy:

"The American dream is faded. Through the unprecedented powerfulness of the United States and their increasingly random application, our ratio to America has become a key problem"

The United States will be one "Rabitor Unilaterism" certified. As a result, the text is open to various visions of an art in Europe – the civilian Europe, as formulated by the Iraq war in the last year, was formulated by the anti-war movement of various European states, but also by intellectuals such as Derrida and Habermas (Vision Reloaded: the spatial Europe of the philosophers ), or a European power block that wants to compete against the USA.

These different Europavisions also print in the spectrum of the signatories of the Duisburg explanation. Among other things, the Federal Bundesfuhrerin of Bundis 90 / The Grunen Steffi Lemke, the Grune Bundestag Member Winfried Netherlands, but also the former FDP Minister Irmgard Schwatzer.

Numerous representatives are represented by non-governmental organizations: Burkhard Konitzer, the business drivers of the Foundation Development and Peace (SEF), as well as Franz Nuscheler from the Institute for Development and Peace (Inef) and Peter Election of Attac. Also the political scientist Ludwig Watzal has joined himself, who has broken a book, which calls for anti-Americanism, praised in the highest tone. At least Watzal has not taken the demarcation to anti-Americanism in the Duisburg explanation.

Open the cultural event on the 24. April with a lecture of the Tragerin of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, Susan Sontag. The explained Bush critic had already had a shortly after the striking of the 11. September 2001 not only violent attacks by conservatives in the US, but also trained the local left.

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