Employer prassident dulger: “battery transition technology to the fuel cell”

Employer Prassident Dulger:'batterie ubergangstechnologie zur brennstoffzelle''batterie ubergangstechnologie zur brennstoffzelle'

In the debate about climate-friendly drive forms for cars, employer’s prassident Rainer Dulger has called the electromobilitat with battery as transition technology. "Honestly, I have doubt that the technology is the technology of the future of overlapping vehicles. I hold the for a transition", Dulger said Rhine-Neckar-Zeitung (Edition of 18. June 2021)

He rather put on hydrogen in the long term. "Hydrogen is the technology of the future – we can make it easy and relatively favorable. Over the solar energy, the nearby and Middle East in the game again and thus the economic relationships were maintained, characterized by that this region remains energy supplier."


As another drive option, synthetic fuels were added. Dulger emphasized, for Germany as an industrialization, it is important to stay technology and not put everything on the card electromobility.

Dulger has since November 2020 Chief of the Federal Association of German Employers’ Associations (BDA). At the same time he leads the Heidelberger dosing and special pump manufacturer prominently.

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