Elon musk is nearly $ 190 billion of richest people in the world

Elon Musk is nearly $ 190 billion of richest people in the world

The CEO of the e-car manufacturer Tesla and the space company Spacex, Elon Musk, is associated with a treasured 188.5 billion US dollars of the richest man in the world. This comes from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index from Thursday. According to, Musk has solved the Amazon-Grand Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world, which was currently about $ 187 billion with an increase of $ 72 billion in the last year to be wounded. Bezos had caught the billionar list of Bloomberg since October 2017.

Basic basis Tesla

Musks were missing the billionar list after within the last year of $ 153.7 billion to $ 188.5 billion. In particular, he benefited from the strong increase in the price of the Tesla share, whose value has increased by about 700 percent over the same period. On Friday morning, the value of a Tesla paper amounts to 691.20 euros at currently increasing course.

Musk was allowed to expand in the coming years, unless he succeeds in increasing the sales and profit of Tesla. The Tesla shareholders in 2018 approved a coarse packaging package, the MUSC maintaining certain milestones at Tesla in the form of Zwolf Stock Options. So far, Musk has qualified for four. The payout is only after reaching all Zwolf’s goals. This could then bring him several 10 billion dollars.

Who is a verbogender?

The ranking of the billionare on lists such as the Bloomberg Billionaire Index or the Forbes Billionaire List are mainly based on publicly access information about ownership in the form of shares and real estate and are thus treasure values.

Accordingly, the ratings fall on the individual lists such as forbes trillionaires list. Here is Jeff Bezos with $ 184.6 billion even before Elon Musk with $ 177.2 billion and the French entrepreneur Bernard Arnault with family, which is supposed to possess a rich in Europe of 154.2 billion. Ex-Microsoft Chef Bill Gates is $ 154.3 billion in fourth place.

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