Edgeops: eclipse iofog 2.0 builds on new edge compute network model

Edgeops: Eclipse iofog 2.0 builds on New Edge Compute Network Model

The Eclipse Foundation within the Eclipse Foundation for Edge Computing Edge Native Working Group as well as the iOfog team have a new major release of the IoT-EDGE computing platform Eclipse Iofog 2.0 submitted. With the focus on advanced and improved EDGEOPS functions, the update ames a new Edge-Compute-Network model (ECN), the controller, agent and a service mesh united to develop developers the construction and operation of production tires Microservices and KI Applications to facilitate the EDGE.

Simplified communication

That in Iofog 2.0 Outered ECN concept sees as a new service mesh component Red Hats Skupper Proxy, the previous Iofog Connector falls away. Skupper in turn uses the Apache Qpid Dispatch router to ensure the connections of applications between the data center and the EDGE advised, without requiring special firewall rules or a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Developers can therefore deposit the necessary connection settings in a simple YAML file, such as Mike Milinkovich, Chief of the Eclipse Foundation, in the blog post.

In addition, the agents should allow more flexible access to the resources to the Edge. Thus, the agents that run as compact and universally usable containers runtimes on the EDGE or FOG, not only move between different ECNs, but also use real-time to control microservices, data volumes and other edge resources. Eclipse Iofog 2.0, for example, allows developers to cut images rule-based to use multiple image registries, as well as data volumes in containers to mount.

Edgeops: Eclipse iofog 2.0 builds on New Edge Compute Network Model

Simple example of an EDGE Compute Network (ECN) with a controller and agent.

While Milinkovich summarizes the most important innovations in his blog post to the publication of the new home version, the official release notes offer a complete overview and amendments to the improvements in Eclipse iofog 2.0.

Use in practice – in the fight against Covid-19

Eclipse Iofog goes to a development of the company EDEWORX Back. The aim of the work was 2019 to create a Kubernet’s compatible platform that provides a runtime environment tailored to cloud-native edge and FOG applications – optimized for use on falling with low resources such as sensors or IOT gateways. Developers receive with iofog the possibility to provide Microservices on such EDGE devices, to provide and manage, and manage without having to deal with the complexity of the underlying network in detail.

In the past two years, Eclipse Iofog has already preserved in numerous productive deployment scenarios. For example, it serves as a backend in a Ki-controlled MicroServices application, which measures the body temperature of children to protect against the spread of the Corona Pandemic and carry the wearing of protective masks in schools.

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