Dwarf uprising: hamann tunes the fiat 500

Dwarf uprising: hamann tunes the fiat 500

Laupheim, 6. May 2008 – about 550.000 possibilities are available according to Fiat to personalize the Knuffy 500, even "rally tire" ex works are no problem. Who still does not last, you can turn to a tuner like Hamann. Normally, the Hamanners are known for refining expensive luxury mobile. But now the Luepheim technicians leave the well-known paths and devote their energy to the Fiat 500. The result is called "SPORTIVO".

Matt black 17-ZOLLER

The SPAB on the small car tunes can be seen the cult ball of Fiat already the abundantly unpredented gases: the Laipeimer miss the 500-striking 17-Zoller. The black matt lacquered, one-piece rims have a diamond polished aubrand. The tuner recommends tires in the dimension 195/40 ZR 17 or 215/34 ZR 17 from Hankook. Conservation is a complete wheel set from 1420 euros. For an improvement of the handling a profound rate should provide. It consists of four progressively wound springs and reduces the vehicle focus by up to 30 millimeters.

Sports exhaust system for the 1.4-liter OTTO

The sports exhaust system developed specifically for the 1.4-liter gasoline engine ensures a powerful sonorous sound. The 390 euro expensive facility includes a final sound steamer with two 70-millimeter stainless steel terminal pipes, a pre-steamer with metal catalyst and a sports compartment. All components are also available individually.

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