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Finally, the time has come: The most trend questions of humanity are answered on a Saturday in September in Berlin

Can there be a world without power? What are the most important values you can teach a child? Daily about 300 such questions run on the web server of Dropping Knowledge. The initiative collects questions worldwide, the 100 most important to a huge round table on 9. September on the Berlin Bebelplatz simultaneous by 112 experts will be answered.

These are also suggested by the Internet community. In the illustrious circle of persons are scientists, artists, human rights activists. The exact selection is unknown, but the mix is exclusive: Terry Gilliam next to Peter Sloterdijk, Yoko Ono not far from Hans-Peter Durr? The "Table of Free Voices" should be Happening, video session and response hour at the same time. 33 meter diameter has the object, with 112 seats, each equipped with flat screen and camera. It should travel later as part of a hiking exhibition around the world.

The "Table of Free Voices". Image: dropping knowing.org

A co-generation of the project is the filmmaker Ralf Schmerberg. He has been organizing the event for three years. The opportunity for a global discussion is favorable: "The people around the world are ready to be redeemed. And we all have to have, even if we do not want to drive this completely in front of the wall."

But what do you promise from the illustrious question-answer game? Not every question has already been asked, every human problem has not been formulated in antiquity? And the answers have not ignored for centuries? And how many wrong questions will be asked the participants?

The solution to the discussed problems is not in the foreground at Dropping Knowledge, says Schmerberg. He expects new forms of communication and a "stronger integration of civil society in existing processes". Because that is hardly visible between politics and the media.

The poster of the project with the question: "Where Do My Rights End and Yours Begin?". Poster: Droppingknowledge.org

A team from 30 employees works in the Berlin headquarters, here you are currently evaluating about 10.000 questions. On the website the questions can be evaluated, the best man in the final round. On place 1 is currently the question of Martie F. From the US: "How Do WE Choose Whose Lives Are Most Valuable?"Some of the questions are already filmically implemented and to find at YouTube.

The nominated list includes turning time activists such as Fritjof Capra and old-tempered policy bunnies like AVI Primor. German State Burger are also there, among other things Roland Berger, Christoph Schlingensief, Eugen Drewermann and Harald Schmidt. At least for the heterogeneity of the answers you do not have to worry.

The media-effective day of events is only a project for a project that a "wikipedia of the solutions" will be. The German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) has developed a comprehensive software. On the 9th. September can not only answer the questions at the same time with the participants at the same time. It will also be the first of the 11.200 answers to a "living library" put into the network to rustle a global discussion about vital questions. The dropping knowledge knowledge is to be collected, structured, linked and be put back to the debate. A 3-D cartography should facilitate navigating, 25.000 topics should remain as permanently treatable.

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