Doubts about the story of the runaway prius

Doubts about the story of the runaway prius

Hannover, 15. Marz 2010 – after the youngest case of "unwanted acceleration" With a Toyota his owner must now have some questions. Last week had been reported that the 61-year James Sikes could not stop his Toyota Prius from 2008 on a rapid strike at San Diego. The accelerator pedal clamped – and although he passed the brake pedal, so sikes, the prius have at 90 mph (ca. 150 km / h) accelerated. By emergency 911 he taught the police who helped him with instructions by speakers to bring the car to stand.

False mistake

According to US news channels CNN, the traffic workers NHTSA has meanwhile examined the vehicle together with Toyota and tries to understand the events. However, no technical error could be determined. As soon as you hit the accelerator pedal at Sikes’ Prius and a second copy from the same year of the year, and the brake made the brake in addition, the car came to stand. The prius is designed so that a simultaneous occurrence of both pedals turns off the engine, so that applies to a possibly clamping accelerator pedal.


Now, there are a number of doubts whether Sikes has probably exchanged the unwanted acceleration to damage­Replacement claims can be made, the Fox News reacted with a story that is suitable for raising doubts about Sikes’s financial past. The state-owned agents looked at the CNN opposite: "These results certainly throw new questions about believing the belief of the action, such as MR. Sikes reported". Technical reasons, therefore, seem to exhale as a fundamental.

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