“Do not look forward to …”

Bin Laden’s philosophy only has a future when the Arab spring fails

"Do not look forward to the case of your enemy and your heart is not happy about his unbelieving / the Lord could see it and displeasure it and turn his anger from him!"

This is one of the most serious passages in the Bible (SALOMOS 24, 17-18) and actually in Hebra. They are already in the translation, although no translation of the beauty comes close in the original.

Of course, it is normal to be glad if someone is defeated enemy, and the thirst for revenge is unfortunately a human train. But look forward to Hamisch – german gladness – is something completely different. It’s ugly.

An old Hebra-like legend paid that God became very pouting when he saw the children of Israel enjoyed when their more agypal pursuers drowned in the Red Sea. "My business drown in the sea", said God, "and you sings?"

These thoughts went through my head when I screamed at the TV the cheerful crowd of young Americans in the straws and dancing. Misplaceable, but blurred. The distorted faces and the head language were the same as those of the quantities in Sudan or Somalia. Housing pages of human nature seem to be the same as.

A person to dead, does not dot the idea

The joy may be free. Because most likely Al-Qaeda did not died with Osama Bin Laden. The effects mogene completely different.

In 1942, the British dignified Abraham star they "terrorist" named. Star whose name was in the surface Yair, hid in the closet of an apartment in Tel Aviv. In this case, his hiding place was also discovered by the movement of his courier. After being sure he was the right man, the British police officer shot him.

But that was not the end of the group – rather it was a beginning. She became the curse of British rule in Palastina. as "Star gang" Known (your real name was "Camphor for the freedom of Israel"), she passed the most treasured attacks on British facilities and played a significant role in convincing the British that they should leave the country.

Hamas did not die after the Israeli Air Force had told Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the fried land, ideologues and the symbol of Hamas. As a Martyrmer he was much more effective than as a living fuhrer. His martyrt moved many new campers for the fight. A person to dead, does not destroy an idea. The Christians even made the cross to their symbol.

The American Empire always needs a global enemy

What was behind the idea that Osama Bin Laden has turned into a worldcone? He preached the revival of the caliphate of the Fruhen Islamic centuries, which was not only a rough empire, but also a center of sciences and artists, the poetry and literature, when Europe was still a barbaric, medieval continent. Every Arabian schoolchild will know this glorious time in history and can not help but compare with the sad Muslim presence (in a sense, this longing strikes the traumas of Zionist romantics from re-loving Konigreich David and Salomos).

A new caliphate in the 21.Century is as unlikely as the wildest shock of imagination. It was opposed to the "Zeitgeist" be, it did not give his opponents – the Americans. They needed this dream or nightmare – more than the Muslims themselves.

The American Empire always needs an enemy picture to keep it together and concentrate to focus its energies. It must be a worldwide enemy, eerie cuisine of a bose philosophy.

This enemy was the Nazis and the Imperial Japan – but not long. Fortunately, then the Communist Empire came to aming the role. Everywhere there were communists. Everyone planned the demise of freedom, democracy and the USA. They even lurked within the US how Edgar Hoover and Senator Joe McCarthy demonstrated so convincing.

For decades, the US was in the fight against the red danger. For her, its military nurse spread over the whole world, her spaceships reached the moon. Your best head was engaged in a titanic battle of ideas that "Supply of light" against the "Supplies of darkness".

And then the whole thing broke – unfortunately – together. The Soviet power shifted as if it had never given it. The American pointing agencies with their incredible skills were beamed. Apparently they had no idea how Morsch the Soviet structure was actually. How did they see this, as they were blinded by their ideologically prefatished opinions.

The war against terrorism became an apocalyptic fight with Satan

The disappearance of the communist danger released in the American psyche a gaping emptiness, which yelled afterwards. Bin Laden offered his services.

That, of course, needed one the world to turn the world to give such a crafted utopia believerness. The gray tray of the 11.9. Was such an event. It caused many changes in the American way of life. And a new global enemy.

Medieval anti-Islamic prejudices were stopped overnight and displayed. Islam, the terrible, mororder, fanatic. Islam, the anti-democratic who is against freedom and all our values. Suicide bomber. 72 virgins, Jihad

The US came to new life. Soldiers, spies and special units swarmed into the whole world to get terrorism. Bin Laden was overall. The war against terrorism became an apocalyptic fight with Satan.

The American freedoms had to be braced, the US militar machine grew ups. Powerful intellectuals challenged over the "Soup of civilizations" and sold their soul to quickly become famous personalities.

In order to produce such a brightly colored image of the reality, all Islamic groups were thrown into a pot – the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Ayatollas in Iran, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palastina, the Indonesian separatists, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and otherwise. Everyone became al Qaeda, despite the fact that each group has a totally different agenda and is focused on their own country, during their own country, the invite invite all the Muslim states descended and wanted to create a holy Islamic empire. But who are interested in the details?

The Holy War against Jihad found everywhere warrior. Ambitious demagogue, for which this was a lighter way to raise the masses and win power, came up in many countries – from France to Finland, from Holland to Italy. The hysteria of Islamophobia replaced the "good" Old anti-Semitism and used almost the same language. Each tyrannical regime represented itself as a bulwark against Al Qaeda, as she once represented itself as a bulwark against communism. And and of course our own binyamine Netanyahu utilized the situation by committing as a peddler of capital to the capital to sell his stuff.

Bin Laden had every reason to be proud and it was probably too.

For many Muslims remain bin Laden an Arab hero

When I saw his picture for the first time, I joked that he was not a real person, but an actor directly from Hollywoods Buro for role distribution. He looked too good to be true – as he was coming out of a Hollywood movie: a hub man with a long black beard that waved with a Kalashnikov. His appearing on television had been carefully staged.

In fact, he was a very incompetent terrorist, a real amateur. No real terrorist was living in a striking villa that stands in the countryside like a miracle thumb. Star hid in a small apartment under the roof in a neglected district of Tel Aviv. Menachem Begin lived with his wife and son in a very modest ground floor apartment as a camouflaged, universality abrasion rabbis.

Bin Laden Villa had to attract the attention of neighbors and other people. They had been curious about these strangers in their midst. In fact, he had had to be discovered much earlier. He was unarmed and was not set on fight. The decision to drag him immediately and sink his body in the sea was obviously planned for a long time.

So there is no sacred grave. But for millions of Muslims and especially Arabs and remains a reason for proud, an Arab hero who "Lowe the Lowen", How a preacher called him in Jerusalem. Almost nobody dared to come out and to say this open, for fear of the Americans, but even those who thought that his brain spinests were unusable and his actions polluting, respected him in her heart.

This means al Qaeda has a future? I do not think so. You are looking for the past – not because Bin Laden has been killed, but because the central idea is overhighth.

The Arab spring introduces new ideals, a new enthusiasm, one that does not glorify a remote past, but looks into the future. The young man and women from Tahrir Square with their longing for freedom familiar bin invite months before his physical death of history. His philosophy only has a future if the Arab spring fails completely and leaves a deep feeling of the suspension and despair.

In the western world, few are grieving around him, but God does not want someone to be happy in Hamisch.

Uri Avnery is the primary of the peace movement Gush Shalom. The long-term Knesset deputy Avnery, born in 1923 in Beckum and emigrated to Palastina in 1933, lated for decades to the most advanced persons of Israeli politics. He has become known far over the borders of his country through his chunkfer-critical accompaniment of official Israeli government policy. For his commitment to peace in the Middle East, numerous awards have been awarded him.

From the English translated by Ellen Rohlfs, authorized by the author.

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