Dgb federal congress: close to the coalition coalition

Opposition against government policy is not on the union agenda

That "Parliament of the work" completed his duties – routinely and without an excitement figure, the Congress of the German Trade Union Confederation, the pourishment of individual unions, which have the main business in the organized representation of employee interests in the hand.

Without counter-candidacy, the new federal chairman Reiner Hoffmann was elected as a successor Michael Sommer, an experienced domestic diplomat, last NRW state leader of the social partnership-oriented industrial union mining chemical energy. He will have to concentrate on it, rivalitations between the coarse link IG metal and ver.to balance the DI and not to unparirable the smaller member organizations of the DGB. For years the importance of the "Federal" In the trade union policy relatively low, his social influence weak, past the times in which the entrepreneurs before the DGB as one "State in the state" warn. And still the socio-political reputation of the unions underneath suffers that they were unable to prevent the Agenda 2010 of a Social Democratic Chancellor.

All the more the DGB Federal Congress of Social Policy Projects of the Groben Coalition have now been ied as successes of trade unions: the statutory minimum wage and pension at 63 years. The ratio of the DGB unions to the SPD has become narrower again, Andrea Nahles as Federal Minister was treated on the congress friendly. Hardly expressed that the caught and positive social benefits of the Federal Government are modest corrections of a problem that results historically from the socio-political weakness of the unions.

Joachim Gauck pries in his burial of the DGB Congress the current trade union position as a profit for the Federal Republic. Once "dinosaur" considered, the union organizations are now "Vital participants of the political discourse", and "the politic" Go to yours "Core" a. The reason for this: from the "confrontation" have the DGB solved, it is also for society "too expensive"; Fortunately, Germany is at the end of international strike statistics, the German workers but in international prosperity ranking "far ahead".

What the growing layer of "precarious" Keeping instruments in this country from such a federal prosecognization of the social situation and which consequences is the so-called flexibilisation in the labor market and in the acquisition structures for the future German society, is a question that could not be answered by the DGB Federal Congress. A confrontation thus had satisfaction with the project minimum wage; The fact that this offers a comprehensive work policy patent solution is not to be accepted realistically.

An interesting conflict was played on the DGB congress, but quite concealed, in the finesse in the formulation of a decision, the "Tariff unit" in the companies regarding. It’s about the principle "An operation, a tariff". The DGB and employers’ associations had come to the idea in 2010, "Wild growth" from employee representation to prevent and smaller trade union organizations outside the DGB like those of locomotives, pilots etc. Backed by a law that tariff agreements on the privilege of the most members most strongest union should do in a company. Smaller workers’ organizations were also losing strike right, they were not negotiated to one of them themselves "Peaceful" bound. For this reason, this plan developed contradiction to the union basis, especially in the service union.di, and the DGB board had to go back.

In the coalition agreement for the current Federal Government, however, such a law is intended. At the DGB federal congress, the opponents had such a kind of "Tariff unit" The majority, and a decision was taken to reject any intervention in the right to strike. The new DGB Chairman had preferred a gentle formulation, because the rough coalition aims to continue a law "Tariff unit" at. However, the text decided now also gives the DGB board "Scope", In this respect, it is not excluded that, at the afterth, the possibility of the strike is further enrolled by law, in the interest of the companies and with concerns of the DGB – but without "confrontation", To use the term of the Federal President.

The small competitors of the DGB unions hours then stupid; But the trade union coarse has been such a regulation anything but "Vitality" bring.

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