Dgb calls for more rights for platform workers

DGB calls for more rights for platform workers

More and more workers work for Internet platforms and thus formally often as a self-standing. The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) intends to strongly see the rights of these employees and, among other things, calls for suppliers a insurance fund funded by the clients, for themselves an association.

Shadow work market versus collective bargaining

"The business model of platform operators is based in large parts on an alleged self-state of the purchased, which often leads to precarious working conditions, bypassing workers’ rights and social tax duty", it is called in the position paper to platform work . Especially via and delivery country, the DGB calls as examples of the "Digital shadow work market".

In order to secure the rights of workers, the DGB is based on this possible back in regular employment transactions. Therefore, the employee representatives for a burden of proof, when workers try to obtain a normal employee contract by law. This is difficult so far as the workers have to prove that they are firmly integrated into a work organization and are attached. However, if the contact to the employer takes place only on an app, this does not correspond to the criteria used so far by judges. According to the presentation of the DGB, employees should only have to submit a few indications in which the platforms themselves have to prove that the employment relationship in question is not subject to social security contributions.

Information and power venues

According to DGB, the information vessel is generally lower. The acquisitions are expected to receive information about the control and control mechanisms, which gives a particularly lucrative layer about a GIG worker, while others are waiting for work in vain. At the same time, the general business conditions that rules the ratio between GIG Workers and Platform are intended to genuine the stricter mabs that have already been valid with end customers. surprising clauses should be disgraceful, a foreign place of jurisdiction for dispute durage should not be amed.

Where no collective bargaining is possible or enforceable, the DGB wants to make it possible to negotiate solosite, collectively to pay the payment without preventing this from antitrust regulations. Where individual can not complain, the DGB wants to step in the same way. Therefore, the trade unionists are planning for association rights in certain areas such as operating data protection.

Insurance for Radunfalle

The platforms should also be more for health insurance and pension schemes of solo-selfy numbers. As a first step, the DGB calls for an accident insurance fund funded by the clients "especially hazardous activities", especially in craft and delivery services.

Meanwhile, the support of the IG Metall rounded Youtubers Union is a new beginning. As the Suddeutsche Zeitung reports, from the former Facebook group, which was not recognized by Google as a speech partner, the Association Fairtube. The succession of the co-primer Jorg Sprave has taken up Christian Krachten, who had given the Youtube agency Mediakraft and the video products.

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