Development environment: pycharm 2021.2 support python 3.10

Development environment: Pycharm 2021.2 Supported Python 3.10

The JetBrions Publications do not end: WebStorm, Intellij Idea, Rubymins and DataGrip are now also new versions of Pycharm and Clion appeared. The Python IDE Pycharm 2021.2 support Python 3.10 and allows car reload in browser HTML previews. Clion, a C / C ++ IDE, offers in version 2021.2 support for cmake 3.20 and further expands the debugging functions.

Python 3.10 and a close package farewell

Pycharm 2021.2 Allows developers to use Python 3.10, the coming language version, which is currently still the beta status and final on 4. October 2021 should appear. One of the innovations contained therein will be Structural Pattern Matching. Pycharm 2021.Figure 2 introduces itself and should facilitate its use by using some new features, including syntax highlighting for the keywords match and case. In addition, pych arm 2021.2 The use of code insights for the new syntax.

With a further look into the future, JetBrains has the in Pycharm 2021.3 Beginning farewell to three Python Packages Schundet: For the art, Mako, a Templates library written in Python, the buildout-based buildout and the Python-based webframework web2py.

Users by Pycharm Professional, the paid ie of pycharm, receive more features. In addition, the code detection for fields and operators in the MongODB console and automatic updating of HTML files in the browser during saving edited HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

Innovations in Clion 2021.2

Clion is one of JetBrains-developed IDE for C / C++. In version 2021.2 support the development environment CMAKE 3.20 And has the programming tool already with on board – including new presets. The integrated LLDB-based debugger for the Microsoft Visual C ++ Toolchain (MSVC) also offers innovations. This allows you to use the following Visual Studio NatVis Code Options: The Inheritable Attribute, Format Designer and Customlistitems.

In addition to a variety of other new debugging features support Clion 2021.2 In addition, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with its own WSL API, which attributes the previously required SSH server within a WSL distribution. Also, it is now irrelevant whether WSL has been installed from the Microsoft Store or from another custom distribution.

Installation instructions and cost model

For Windows, Macos and Linux, is available for download as a paid professional edition as well as in the form of a free community edition. Clion, however, is only available as a commercial version for the same operating systems. However, some user groups can qualify for a free use of commercial JetBrains IDES, including the well-known Java-IDE Intellij Idea, which has included Eclipse projects since the last update. Free options are available for actively accessible to open source projects, if criteria set by JetBrains are filled with.

All innovations in Pycharm 2021.2 and Clion 2021.2 are listed at JetBrains.

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